Our Story

We believe in making the world an easier place to find help. From leaky faucets to faulty flux capacitors, someone out there wants to help you with a smile on their face. So why search directory after directory only to call pro after pro and still be left without an appointment or repair? TalkLocal is a faster, less frustrating way to get immediate help with everyday challenges Our team set out to create the smartest, artificially intelligent service matching algorithm on the planet. We've now sent over a million phone calls to businesses on behalf of our users. And the best part is -- we're just getting started!
We Love What We Do
We've helped thousands of people in 49 states find the help they need. From dentists and lawyers to carpenters and carpet cleaning, TalkLocal is the paving the future for finding quality professional help.
Our motto is simple: Find you the best match, faster, for all of your service needs. Businesses love our Pay Per Conversation™ platform, and consumers love our spam-free super-fast service. Everyone's happy!
The Technology
We rank your local service providers using real-time reviews from trusted sources like Google, Yelp, Citysearch, and Yahoo. We also look at social metrics for these companies, online profiles, and all publically available data. We then score them based on your specific service request, and put you on the phone with the right one. Right Now. All without requiring you to make a single phone call.
Tell us what service you're looking for.
We'll get the best pro to call you back, right now.
You can relax, life's good!
The average response time for a TalkLocal service request? Just 90 seconds!
This means you can sit back and catch the next 2 minutes of your favorite TV show while search for the right pro to call you.
Say goodbye to outdated directory services. Our technology is state of the art, artificially intelligent, and completely private. We never share contact information and our users are never spammed with unwanted service requests. And did we mention? It's FREE.
The Team
Aman Bakshi Head of Products
Stephen Schuresko Lead Developer
Dallea Caldwell
Dallea Caldwell Public Relations
Gurpreet Singh Chief Executive Officer
Manpreet Singh President
Nabeel Hussain
Nabeel Hussain Product Support
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