HP Touchpad is Not Working on My Laptop

HP Touchpad is Not Working on My Laptop Computer Repair

A common problem for people with HP laptops is that the touchpad/mouse gets stuck and does not work properly.  This article explains what to do when your thinking “why is this HP touchpad is not working on my laptop?”  This is a seriously disabling problem during which the user cannot really use their computer.  Why does this happen and how can you fix it? The following steps will attempt to explain why the HP Touchpad is not working on your laptop.


Your HP computer touchpad could stop working for a couple of reasons.  It could be something as serious as the driver being corrupted or something as simple as a glitch in the system. Whatever the reason, the issue is serious and should be corrected as quickly as possible.

What you should do

The first thing you should do when your mouse pad freezes up is step back and give the computer time to catch up and cool down.  It could be a simple overheating problem.  If this does not work you should then try to reboot your computer.  The laptop may have had a minor glitch and a simple restore could set it right.  A more severe step to take would be to restore the entire system. A hard reset may be in order if nothing fixes the freeze.  To hard reset you should disconnect the AC adapter, remove the battery, hold the power button foe 2 minutes, reconnect both the AC and battery and turn the computer on.  If the problem continues to persist it may be an internal issue in which case you should contact a professional.  The touchpad is connected to the motherboard by a thin ribben cable with a clamping connector and it could have come loose.  This is an easy fix if taken to a professional.

Who can help me?

If your touchpad is still malfunctioning you should try and get in contact with an IT service professional. By using TalkLocal services you can make this process much easier.  Simply type in your problem and availability and TalkLocal will do the rest.  They will call reliable local computer businesses and put them in contact with you almost immediately.

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