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Four Summer Health Problems and How to Solve Them

Friday, July 8th, 2016


Summer has arrived, and we’re all getting ready for barbecues and beach trips. Unfortunately, as much fun as summer brings, it can also bring just as many dangers. That’s why you have to make sure you’re prepared for these summertime hazards so you can go out and enjoy yourself.

Here are four common summer health problems, as well as how to prevent them and what to do if they strike.

Dehydration: This is a major concern in the summer. People are always going out and having fun, but they don’t think about how they might end up passed out on the floor. Dehydration can lead to many problems, including but not limited to weakness, fainting, and heart palpitations. To help prevent dehydration, make sure that you and your family drink lots of fluids but don’t drink alcohol because that will increase the likelihood of dehydration. Wear lightweight and light-colored clothing and if you’re exercising or working outside, stop, take a break, and replenish your fluids, especially before you get too tired.

If you believe you’ve become dehydrated, make sure to continue drinking fluids. Don’t just down an entire bottle of water in three seconds; try other ways to gain your fluids: small sips of water, electrolyte drinks, popsicles, etc.. Make sure that you’re still wearing lightweight clothing and try to stay in a well circulated area. Use misting fans and spray bottles to cool down or an ice pack, but don’t place the ice pack directly on your skin. You can buy a D-FantiX Handheld Water Misting Fan for $19.99 as of July 1, 2016.

Bug Bites: Bugs. Suddenly, they’re everywhere, and they aren’t going away anytime soon. So, always remember to use bug spray when you’re going out. For those who don’t trust the chemicals inside of bug spray, check out this article for homemade mosquito repellent, and check online for other natural bug repellent recipes. If you’re going to parks or hiking, wear sneakers and long socks and avoid traveling in the high grass. Bug spray is no substitute for sunscreen so still put sunscreen on and then put bug spray on afterwards.

Should you get bitten by a bug, here’s what to do: stay calm and get as far away from the insect as possible because there may be more. Do not scratch or pick at the bite; instead, clean the area with warm water and soap. To relieve this, first try rubbing alcohol on the spot with a cotton ball. The irritation should gradually go down, but if alcohol doesn’t work, get a bacitracin ointment and place it on the bite before covering it with a bandage.

Sunburns: If you’ve never experienced the redness, tenderness, skin peeling, and even blisters that can occur with a sunburn, then consider yourself lucky. To protect yourself and prevent your skin from getting permanent damage, first thing first: sunscreen. Apply it and make sure to use a high enough SPF for your skin type. You may not think you need it but you do. For further protections, wear wide brim hats and sunglasses since prolonged sun exposure is linked to eye damage such as cataracts or temporary visual impairment.

If you weren’t able to protect yourself and end up with a wicked sunburn, cool it down as fast as possible. Whether it’s getting in a bathtub or an ocean, cool down for just a few seconds before wrapping up to keep your skin protected. You can keep cooling down your skin with cold compresses or ice bags; just be sure to wrap the ice – don’t put it directly on your skin. Moisturize your skin over the time that it’s healing. You can take some ibuprofen to help with the pain and make sure to keep drinking water to stay hydrated. If the pain persists, be sure to see a doctor.

Food Poisoning: This doesn’t seem like your usual summer problem but think about it. With summer comes a lot of cooking and a lot of eating outside. Picnics, barbecues, family reunions, these are all opportunities for food to come into contact with something it shouldn’t. To keep yourself and those you cook for safe, remember to wash your hands, utensils and workstation before and after cooking. Also, make sure your food is cooked thoroughly; that’s where a meat thermometer comes in handy. You can buy a best-selling Habor Instant Read Cooking Thermometer for $12.99 as of July 1, 2016. Also, be certain to pay attention to those expiration dates.

Now, you don’t really have control over what your family does and cooks. Aunt Ethel might have seen a new recipe that she just had to try. You eat it and then it hits you. Now, there are varying degrees of food poisoning, so it’s always important to see a doctor and get a proper diagnosis. In many cases, you will feel ill for several days, but it will pass on its own. During this time, it’s important to drink plenty of fluids to keep hydrated. (Seems to be a recurring theme with summer problems). But it’s possible that the food poisoning could be severe and in that case, you will require antibiotics and possibly more treatment.

Have fun this summer, but don’t forget to take care of yourself. Be careful and enjoy the rest of the season.

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What Finding Local Pros in a Small Town Is Like: 5 Common Problems

Monday, May 9th, 2016

By Dallea Caldwell 

As a city girl living in a small town world, I had to get used to a sad reality: the hipper the business, the sooner it goes under. Towns that are too small to draw crowds to trendy new places leave a trail of well-designed websites and hugely popular Facebook pages behind like empty shells washed ashore.

Once, I saw a sign advertising belly dancing. Belly dancing! Searched Facebook and saw a post only a week old promoting Thursday night lessons. I called and heard a voicemail greeting for the company. I showed up the very next Thursday only to loiter in front of an empty, locked door that would never open. I should have known that it was too cool to last.

Worse, even the essentials like available plumbers, handymen, and electricians are hard to find online. These are the 4 extremely frustrating problems I face whenever I look for a local pro online.

In a small town, business social media pages are ancient:

local pros facebook pages

In the city, social media might be a good place to find info on a company. But, you’re in the boonies. So, while it’s nice that Joe’s Mechanic did a great job  fixing someone’s brand new Model T Ford at the turn of the century, it takes current info to reassure you. Instead, you’re looking at a social media page that could easily be a time capsule to the early 90’s.

In a small town, a rave review is one that exists.

amazoncardAfter looking up business after business and seeing empty reviews, you promise yourself that when you finally book a pro, you will come back and post a review.  Funny how the same neighbors who join Neighborhood Watch to catch a robber, won’t leave a review when an inflated estimate robs them and soon, their neighbors.

In a small town, your heart isn’t the only thing broken when you visit that website you saw in a local directory.

local pros broken websitesSure, you live in a small town where small businesses aren’t even aware of half the places where they’re listed online. So, you don’t blame them for forgetting to update all 50 million online directories. But, boy…visiting a website or calling a number you found on a trusted online listing only to find it broken or disconnected really burns your biscuits.

But then, you finally find  guy and guess what:

local pros sorry we're booked

They’re booked, of course.

It seems like the handful of small town businesses that make themselves visible are always booked.

And why not? It’s not like they have any real competition. And you never know whether to assume other businesses simply don’t exist or that they’re in the witness protection program. Your town, after all, is the type of place they send you when they need you off the grid.

But finding local pros doesn’t have to be such a hassle, not even in a small town.

Luckily, I have my TalkLocal app. It scours the web to find an available pro, even if local businesses don’t have a “fancy-pants online presence like those big-shot city fellers!” Plus, it converts online searches to phone calls to area businesses; you know, for all of those old school pros who still think phones are more for talking. The national average for the time it takes TalkLocal to get consumers talking to the right, available local pro is about 4 minutes, that includes small towns like ours. TalkLocal, available at, is free to use and free for download on iPhone and Android. Check it out!

Feed Your Body Right: 7 Ways for 7 Days

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

Feed Your Body Right: 7 Ways for 7 Days - Seva Call

If you haven’t been eating healthy this winter, we’ve got good news and bad news. First, the good news: it looks like you may have a few extra weeks to trim up the beach bod, assuming recent weather patterns are any indication. Now for the bad news: you haven’t been eating healthy and your body hates you, no matter what size it is. Fortunately, Mother Earth (in its infinite wisdom) has provided a plethora of ways to satisfy both your body and your taste buds. Here are 7 tasty treats that should be hitting your table and belly, so ten-hut!

1. Carrots

Bod boost: Carrots contain vitamin A which lowers blood pressure.

Belly bonus: Grated carrot salad with raisins, pineapple, and topped with yogurt is super delish.

2. Peanuts

Bod boost: Peanuts are a great source of protein.

Belly bonus: Homemade granola is a sweet crunch scoop of heaven. Check out this Honey Peanut Granola recipe.

3. Leafy Greens

Bod boost: A great source of fiber, vitamins/minerals, and helpful in heart disease and diabetes prevention.

Belly bonus: Try this Red and Green Lettuce with Cranberry Vinaigrette as a side to a healthy meal.

4. Raspberries:

Bod boost: Has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Belly bonus: Just dump washed raspberries in a pitcher and fill with water. In three days, you’ll have a healthy punch that’s lower in sugar than most store-bought juice. Plus, it’s pretty; so use a glass pitcher!

5. Avocados:

Bod boost: Glutathione is an antioxidant that even slows the aging process.

Belly bonus: Avocados taste great sliced with olive oil, soy sauce, and toasted sesame oil drizzled on top.

6. Snap Peas:

Bod boost: Super low-cal with folate for heart health and lowered cholesterol.

Belly bonus: Add a dollop of hummus for a healthy dose of flavor.

7. Whole Grain

Bod boost: Fiber-infused to fight digestion problems.

Belly bonus: Whole wheat crackers are a great choice for a light midday meal when paired with any meat or cheese.

The first step to looking good is feeling good. So, fill your body with what it needs to be its best. And, if you need help getting that fuel and kicking your fitness routine into overdrive, visit TalkLocal to talk to one of your local personal trainers.

Employee Appreciation: Company Culture, Productivity, And Employee Satisfaction

Friday, March 4th, 2016

Wake up. Push yourself out of bed. Shower, dress, stumble to the kitchen, get coffee. Find something to eat. 7:30AM – drag feet to the car, drag yourself into work, drag your way through the day. It’s like a vending machine: insert hours, receive dollars. Take your earnings and drag yourself home…just in time to get some sleep and start over the next day.

Chances are we’ve all experienced this grind; it’s the hallmark of a dissatisfying workplace. Even one burned-out employee can suck the joy out of the room and drag everyone down, hurting productivity. Meanwhile, Creating the Best Workplace on Earth authors Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones tell us a few benefits to highly-engaged workforces compared to the not-so-engaged:

–        50% more likely to exceed performance expectations

–        54% higher employee retention

–        89% higher customer satisfaction

–        400% more revenue growth

Take Google, for example. Some argue that their meteoritic rise from ten guys in a Palo Alto garage to the giant it is today is the product of good company culture. At TalkLocal, these three strategies have showed us that, when it comes to company culture, a little effort goes a long way:


Employees will inevitably slide into “The Grind” if they lose sight of their value to the company; reminding them that they’re more than a number of hours is crucial. By holding weekly meetings where company goals are articulated in terms of how each employee fits into the picture helps instill a feeling of investment in their position. Educating employees on their roles can also improve their performance; only clear goals can be pursued.

Combining this approach with compliments and recognition of performance improvements will bring genuine positivity and an attitude of focus to your company culture.


This mentality can tear a business apart. We’re always at our best when enjoying ourselves, so find ways to bring a little fun into your team. It can be as easy as a game of cards for a smaller group or as big as a bowling night; take a vote on it. The other night, the TalkLocal team went bowling, scheduled right after we hired new interns – put briefly, relationships were built.

It’s no surprise that, the next morning, the TalkLocal interns were talking to their teammates. Not only did having fun increase our team’s productivity through facilitating collaboration, it contributed to the relaxed, positive atmosphere that defines a good company culture.


To company managers and owners: understand that to your audience and employees, you embody the company. Capitalize on this through the intimacy of a small business by keeping in frequent and meaningful contact with employees, especially new ones. Enrich your employees by allowing them to make recommendations and educating them about the business model; questions are a sign of investment, so make sure to invite them.

Overall, a positive company culture is defined by recognizing that your team is the sum of real people. Don’t wait to make them feel that way, because you’ll lose out on the most productive and satisfied force you’ve seen yet. If clock-in is starting to feel like a funeral death knell, then turn a new page on your workplace and enliven the office by showing everyone their value and your appreciation.

Of course, if getting more and higher quality jobs is the best way to lift up your team’s spirits, then check out TalkLocal; it lets you preview jobs for free by phone and opt into a live conversation with the customer you want to do business with. No more paying for leads you’ll never use. Click here to claim your profile.

Snowzilla and the TalkLocal Knights

Sunday, February 28th, 2016


(This story is for National Tell a Fairy Tale Day. We hope you enjoy it and it inspires you to tell some fairy tales of your own.)

By Krystal Moore

Once upon a time, in a land not-so-far away, the good people of Homeville were enjoying their winter. It had been a strange one. Rather than the usual frostbiting wind that forced the people to wear heavy coats, the weather had been rather warm. While it was a concern for some, many people took the warmth for what it was – a chance to be outside and enjoy themselves. Certainly things would be well this winter.

But then…it came.

Without warning, the people awoke to a fearsome roar. Gazing through their frosted windows, they all watched in horror as a grand, bone-chilling beast came through the city. The monster roared thunderously as it stormed through the city, covering all in its path in a mass of snow and ice.

It was a beast that none believed they would see for another year. A monster that no one could defeat and all feared.

It was…the dreaded Snowzilla!

As people ran to their homes, seeking shelter, Snowzilla ravaged the city, leaving nothing but destruction in its wake. The monster’s rampage was swift but brutal. In a mere day, it had managed to uproot the lives of all the people before leaving to spread chaos elsewhere.

While the people were glad that Snowzilla had gone, it didn’t change the fact that they were still left with its aftermath. Many people were trapped in their homes, and while they were able to ask for help, it still seemed too much to handle.

Who would be able to save these poor people from the dread that Snowzilla had brought upon them?

Just as all seemed lost, there was the sound of fanfare. People who were capable left their home as they saw a crowd of knights coming forward on their fearsome steeds.

The people stared in awe as all of the knights stopped in front of them. Who were they? What did they want?

One knight stood in front of the others, their powerful voice booming over the crowd. “Good people! We understand that Snowzilla has rampaged through your great city! Fear not!” The knight raised their shield, manifesting their kingdom’s crest for all to see. “We are knights from the kingdom of TalkLocal! We are here to assist you!”

No one dared to move. They had never heard of this kingdom and now that it had come right after Snowzilla’s rampage, what were they meant to think?

The knights simply stood there, waiting for someone to come forth first. You see, they would not make the first move. Although sent to Homeville to help the people of the village, the knights could not act without the direct request of each individual. Thus, they waited, giving the people time to see that they were interested in assisting them.

After what seemed like an eternity, an older man came forth. He shuffled slowly towards the knights, using a cane to help support himself.

His voice was low but he spoke clearly, “Good knights, I am capable of walking from my home but there is still treacherous snow in my driveway. I am unable to remove it on my own. Can you assist me?”

One knight came forward, helmet covering his eyes but not hiding the large smile he had as he rode towards the man. “Good sir, I shall assist you. Please return to your home and leave this concern to me.”

“Oh, thank you so much, gracious knight.”

When the old man was finished, a younger woman came forward, a bit hesitant as she asked, “Snowzilla destroyed my pipes. Froze them over until they burst. What am I meant to do?”

Another knight came forward, holding a pipe in her hand as she smiled. “Worry not, ma’am. I shall return your plumbing to its former glory.”

Slowly but surely, more people came forward, each with a concern that needed to be addressed, and with each person, there was a knight who was able to solve their problem. With enough time, the knights of TalkLocal had assisted the people until they were able to resume their normal lives.

“Let’s give thanks to the great knights!”

“Cheers for the grand kingdom of TalkLocal!”

“TalkLocal! TalkLocal! TalkLocal!”

The first knight stepped forward once again, raising their hand and the people went quiet. “Good people! We’re glad we could assist you! Unfortunately, the horrible Snowzilla has spread more chaos, and we must go and assist its other victims But always remember,  if you ever require our assistance again…” All of the knights raised their shields, the pride of their kingdom a beacon of hope. “…TalkLocal will be here!”

And with that, the knights rode off towards their next quest, the cheers of the people  sending them off.

The End

Clean Out Your Computer and Make It Run Like New

Monday, February 8th, 2016


Your computer was so great when you first got it. It ran like it was could win first place in a marathon. But now? Now, it’s become the titular tortoise from “The Tortoise and the Hare,” taking the lesson “slow and steady wins the race” a bit too far. Well, it needs to turn back into the hare, so you can use it to its full potential. Here are some tips to help clean out your computer to make it speedy again.

1. Uninstall programs: Take a look in your programs and settings menu. There are probably several on the list that you don’t even remember downloading, and now they’re sticking around for nothing. If you don’t need them, uninstall them.

2. Upload files: We have a tendency to take the photos and documents we’ve downloaded from the internet or our cameras and just leave them on the computer. If you want to keep them, upload them onto a flash drive or external hard drive. That way, you’ll have them for safekeeping before deleting them from your computer.

3. Update your virus software: Viruses are the bane of a computer’s existence. Just when you think you’ve taken care of them, they come back up. Make sure you have anti-virus software and that it’s up to date. Also, remember to do a routine virus check.

4. Physically clean it out: Your computer might be slow because it’s full of dust bunnies, blocking up the vents. So, shut your computer down, unplug it, and let it cool down for 30 minutes. Then, take a can of compressed air and use it to clean out the computer’s vents and keyboard of residual dust and crumbs.

5. Ask an expert: If your computer is still rebelling against you despite everything you’ve done to help it, it’s come to the point where you should ask an expert opinion whether it can be saved. Call TalkLocal so we can find you a computer specialist.

With these tips, your computer should be picking up speed. If there are any other issues that you want to take care of while you’re on a roll, check out our computer repair blog page and get going.

Houseplant Appreciation Day: What To Do When Talking Isn’t Working

Sunday, January 10th, 2016


You’re relaxing in your living room, enjoying the warmth of your heater. You give the room a quick once over and your eyes land on one of your houseplants. You water it, give it sunlight, even talk to it, yet it still looks listless and worse for wear. Why? Well, plants are finicky creatures that can’t tell you when something is bothering them. Luckily, today is Houseplant Appreciation Day and  you’re determined to diagnose the problem and solve it. After all, what better way to show your plants just how much you appreciate them? So, here are five things to consider when trying to perk up your plant.

1. Consider A Different Pot: As your plant continues to grow, it may be cramped in the pot you first bought it so it may be time to upsize. If you do, consider your plant’s next home. Maybe you want to switch to a nonporous ceramic pot to retain more moisture in the soil. If it needs a new pot, make sure that it has a way to drain so the roots don’t get waterlogged; saucers are a good way to hold the water your plant needs to drain out.

2. Improper Sun Exposure: Your plants may be in a place where they can get sunlight but make sure it’s the right amount. If your plants’ leaves are sickly and colorless then they’re getting too much light. If the leaves are turning yellow and new leaves are growing small, then they’re getting too little light. Take a look outside the window and take note of anything that may be enhancing or blocking the sunlight.

3. Improper Watering: Over-watering is one of the most common reasons plants end up dying. Is your plant wilting? Are the leaves turning yellow, even though you’ve been watering it? Then you should lower your watering schedule. Are you not watering as much and the leaves are browning and wrinkling? Then you’ll want to give it more water. You can also test by sticking your finger about an inch or two into the soil and seeing how wet it is, or you can purchase a moisture meter.

4. Washing Them: Have you been washing your plant’s leaves? You should. If you don’t, not only do they get all dusty and gross-looking, but the dirt makes the plant unable to photosynthesize at full capacity. To clean your plant’s leaves, use lukewarm water and a soft cloth for larger smooth leaves. For smaller leaves or leaves you don’t want to touch, you can use a spray bottle or sink sprayer.

5. Watch Out for Pests: Even inside plants can be attacked by bugs. So, when watering your plants, inspect their leaves closely for any pests or their eggs. You can detract these pests when you’re washing the leaves by using a soap-insecticide mixture with the water. If you see any concerns with a single plant, isolate that plant from others until the issue is resolved.

And while you’re watching out for all these things, your plants should be able to live nice and healthy. Just remember to get some help if you need it. Whether it’s help with how to properly take care of your plants or even buying another plant that will go great with them, just “leaf” it to TalkLocal. *ba-dum-tshh*

Black Friday Survival Guide: Five Steps to Survive the ‘Holiday’

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015


While it’s not technically a ‘holiday’, there’s no denying that Black Friday is one of the most widely celebrated days on the calendar. And by celebrated, I mean, you go into stores and try not to get body slammed while looking for dozens of cheap goods. But how are you supposed to do that when you just had Thanksgiving dinner and are weighed down by turkey, stuffing, and potatoes?

To ensure your victory (and safety) on this day, we’re providing you with a Black Friday survival guide. Here are five tips to help you make it through Black Friday:

1. Create a List: You may want to take advantage of every single sale you see but you know that you can’t and shouldn’t. You need to determine exactly what you want, write a list, and stick to it. Know the item and its brand. Take note of the price so you know you won’t pay more than you intend to. Find out everything about the items you want and then go out and conquer.

2. Stake Out Your Location: After deciding what you want, know where you’re going to get it. What store chain are you going to and which specific store out of that chain will you hit? One close to home or one far away to avoid (some) of the crowds? Either way, choose one store and walk around the store beforehand so you can quickly locate items without directions from what will surely be very busy sales clerks.

3. Bring a Shopping Buddy: Every errand is made more bearable, maybe even fun, when you make a date of it. And, when you’re taking on thick and aggressive crowds, pleasant company can help keep you safe and sane. Who else but a trusted friend would pick you up when the stampede knocks you down? Plus, they’ll come in handy if you choose the time-saving divide and conquer strategy where you each divide the store and grab the listed items in your respective territories. For best results, find a willing adult with the patience to wake up early and battle the human and vehicular traffic that will inevitably greet you on your journey. (Note: try to leave the kids and the moody “emo phase” teens at home.)

4. Bring the Right Equipment: Don’t bring a bag loaded to the brim with stuff. Have a properly secured bag (a fanny pack if need be) where you’re able to find your wallet, keys, and any coupons you may have as quickly as possible. If possible, get a scan protected wallet or sleeve for your card as these large crowds are easy hunting grounds for cyber thieves. Finally, bring a water bottle and a portable breakfast so you don’t pass out in the long lines.

5. Skip It: Just don’t go. Thanksgiving was the day before and you had to deal with crazy family members, arguing over food and what to watch on TV. No one will hold it against you if you stay home to avoid the danger that comes with this nightmare of a day. Stay home, relax in your favorite pair of slippers and if you really want to ‘celebrate’ a special deal, take a look at some nice Cyber Monday sales.

And there you have it. If you feel you must absolutely go out this Black Friday, please be safe and use the tips in this Black Friday survival guide to your advantage. If you choose not to go and will give Cyber Monday a try, contact TalkLocal so we can make sure your computer is in tiptop shape.

Happy bargain shopping, everyone!

Repainting The Interior of Your Home

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015


Maybe it’s the lack of vibrant natural light, the predominance of reds, golds, and browns, or the stunning beauty of the pure white snow soon to come; but for some reason, there’s a huge misconception that painting is more of a task to do in the warmer months. Sure, the freshness of spring may put you in the mood for all things new- including a color change, but autumn is as good as any a time to paint the interior of your home. In fact, it may be the best time. Here are some advantages to repainting the interior of your home during the fall months:

Not as Humid — The heat and humidity in the summer months actually makes it harder for the paint to dry and cure properly. The excess moisture from the humidity prevents it from evaporating, and it doesn’t bond to the wall. This will cause issues with the texture of the paint and result in an uneven coat. It also makes the paint dry a lot faster.

Moderately Cooler Temperatures — Those temperate weather seasons like Fall and Spring are great for opening the windows to let the paint fumes out without worrying about letting the heat or A/C out with it. Once the winter hits, painting would put you between fumes and freezing; in the summer it’s that or the fiery heat.

Saves Time for Other Projects — By repainting the interior of your home during the fall or even winter months, you will have time for other projects like gardening, patio upgrades, and painting the exterior of the house — projects that are best done in the spring and summer.

If you’d rather skip all that hard work and relax, let TalkLocal find you a professional that can handle it for you. Best part is — painting contractors are likely to score you a good deal because the colder months are their slower months.

#BabiesVsPets Halloween Costume Contest

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015


There is only one thing as cute as a pet, and that’s a baby. Put a Halloween costume on either a pet or a baby and you have created an unstoppable monster of cuteness, capable of melting every heart in its path. Baby and/or pet plus costume equals the single-most adorable thing in the universe hands down. The only thing more difficult than not falling victim to the awe-inducing charms of a pet or baby in costume is deciding which one is cuter. What sociopath could possibly fix their minds to choose between cute babies and cute pets? The combined forces of babies and pets embody everything good, beautiful, and pure; a life without either would be unlivable. It’s like choosing between air and water. Yet, here at TalkLocal, we challenge you to do the unthinkable.  Pets and babies together in one costume contest, and there can only be one winner!

To vote: check out the hashtag #BabiesVsPets, the most adorable place on the internet. Retweet and like  as many sweet pet and baby pics that you like. Who could fall in love with just one?

To submit your pet, baby, or both: share your baby or pet costume pics with @TalkLocal and use the tag #BabiesVsPets.

To win: Get the most faves and retweets by Midnight Monday November 2nd, and you’ll win a $25 Amazon Gift Card. Need some extra funds for Holiday shopping? Here’s an easy way to get it!

Of course, babies and pets are equally cute in different ways. Plus, the love that parents and pet parents have for their beloveds has a glow that no single picture can capture nor retweet or fave can express. This is just a fun way to celebrate the internet’s most powerful feelings-targeted weapon, and share in the pride of all the parents who have  invested time, energy, and money to make the sweet eye candy of costumed pets and babies possible.

Click here to submit or vote!