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How to Give a Prenatal Massage

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

how to give a prenatal massage

As a woman gets further along in her pregnancy, her body begins to change – increasing belly size, swelling of ankles and legs, sensitivity to smell, frequent bathroom visits, etc. Most women become increasingly uncomfortable as their due date approaches. A prenatal massage can relieve a great deal of the aches, pains, stresses, and anxieties associated with pregnancy. Before receiving a prenatal massage, here are some benefits, tips, warnings, and other information you should know.

Note: Because there is some risk involved in prenatal massages, you should consult with your doctor and/or midwife before scheduling a prenatal massage. This guide is solely intended for informational purposes only and should not be substituted for the advice of a trained medical professional. Use your own discretion when deciding to receive a prenatal massage.


A prenatal massage is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a massage specifically for pregnant women that helps relieve pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy. The most common massages and techniques used for prenatal massages include Swedish massages, reflexology, circulatory work, and cranial sacral therapy. One of the most popular massages, a Swedish massage, uses “smooth, long strokes and kneading to loosen any tension.” Reflexology focuses on the feet, hands, and ears. Other areas are affected when pressure is applied to certain spots on these particular body parts. Circulatory work is a combination of different massage techniques that focus on increasing the flow of blood within the body. Cranial sacral therapy focuses on massaging the skull and spinal column. A prenatal massage session usually lasts anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes and focuses on the upper body as well as the spinal column because of the added pressure and strain. Prenatal massage therapists usually choose not to focus on the legs, only doing light massages, because of the increased risk of blood clots.


Prenatal massages can improve both the mind and body. They can lower anxiety, stress hormones, swelling, sciatic nerve pain, headaches, and migraines. This is due to the fact that it increases “feel good” hormones, such as serotonin. Serotonin increases your mood, lowers your chance of depression, and lessens mood swings. Basically, it puts you in a better mood, which allows you to spend more time on time important things, such as preparing for the baby. A prenatal massage can also increase your blood oxygen level by 10-15%, strengthening the immune system. A strong immune system is important for both mommy and baby in the time leading up to and after birth. It also increases the circulation of lymphatic fluid, which in turn, reduces edema. After a massage session, many women experience decreased joint and back pain as well as reduced muscle tension, resulting in improved sleep. If you or someone you love has benefited from a prenatal massage, then comment and let us know.

How to Give a Prenatal Massage

The key to giving a prenatal massage is not to give a prenatal massage unless, of course, you’re a certified prenatal massage therapist. One thing that you can do is read and share the information in this blog with an expectant mother, so that she can decide whether or not she would like to receive a massage by a qualified individual. If she does decide to have a prenatal massage after consulting her doctor, you can offer to schedule, pay, and accompany her to the session.


1) Ensure that your massage therapist is a registered prenatal massage therapist. Ask them about their certification process, how much experience they have with prenatal massages, and if they’re up-to-date on the latest techniques and safety guidelines.

2) Do not consume a full meal or large beverage amount before your prenatal massage. Doing so may result in (even more) frequent trips to the restroom, disrupting the flow and atmosphere of the massage. With that said, go the restroom right before your appointment so you can have an empty bladder.

3) Although aromatherapy is a popular pastime for those looking to relax, it should be avoided during pregnancy. Inform your massage therapist ahead of time if certain scents trigger nausea. If you are especially sensitive to smell during pregnancy, it’s best to avoid aromatherapy altogether to prevent unnecessary discomfort.

4) If and when available, have a consultation with your massage therapist before your first visit. Inform them of how far along you are in your pregnancy, what your goals and expectations are for your session, and any allergies you may to lotions or oils. If your session is at a spa, ask for a small tour of the back so you can make sure you’re comfortable. If you’re having a private, at-home session, ask your therapist about the size and type of the table they use as well and if there are any special preparations you need to make.

5) Relax and enjoy your massage. After all, you have a tiny human growing inside of you; you deserve to be pampered.


1) Prenatal massages are not safe for women who are in their first trimester due to their increased risk of experiencing a miscarriage.

2) Do not lay flat on your back. Doing so causes your uterus and baby to put pressure on your vena cava – the primary vein that carries blood back to your heart – lowering your blood pressure.

3) Your session should not include a deep massage or strong pressure on the legs because of your increased blood volume and coagulants. This could cause a blood clot to loosen and travel to your heart, resulting in a life-threatening situation.

4) If you feel ill before your appointment, including experiencing nausea, vomiting, and/or morning sickness, call your massage therapist to cancel. You don’t want to aggravate your symptoms more with a massage.

5) If you feel pain or discomfort at any point during your prenatal massage session, tell your massage therapist immediately so they can stop and address the issue. Remember your massage should be comfortable and relaxing not painful and tense.


So the safest way for you to give a prenatal massage is for you to be a certified prenatal massage therapist, and since the majority of the world’s population doesn’t hold that title, the next best thing for you to do is to schedule a massage therapy session. Make sure you talk to the mom-to-be well in advance so that she has time to consult with her doctor before the appointment. When you’re ready, give TalkLocal a call and we’ll connect you with the right massage therapist, so you can get back to doing more important things, like preparing for baby.

Unique, Affordable Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016


one of many unique, affordable ways to celebrate your anniversary

There’s never a bad time to be grateful for and celebrate the love you’ve found with another, and at no other time is it more important than on your anniversary. If you’re looking for ways that you and your special someone can celebrate six months, a year, or even 25 years together without breaking the budget, read on.

Channel Your Inner Ghost
No, I don’t mean you should get spooky. Think “Ghost” as in Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze, the movie where they have a romantic (if supernatural) date over pottery clay. Head out on a date and get in the artistic state of mind with a pottery throwing class or go to a ceramics studio like Color Me Mine and paint some pre-thrown glassware or pottery together. You’ll have fun exploring your artistic sides together and come home with mementos of your fun anniversary date.

Play Hooky from Work
If your anniversary falls on a weekday, why not play hooky and spend a day frolicking together? Not only is it a great way to spend some quality time alone with each other, but it also is reported to have great mental benefits. Choose a day when you both know you can get time off, and plan to do whatever your hearts’ desire—as long as it’s not work or other life responsibilities. You’ll need to make a commitment to sticking to the plan; regardless of whether that plan is to stay in bed all day and order delivery food, or to head to your local beach and soak up some rays while the rest of your poor colleagues are stuck in the office.

A Handwritten Letter
Use your personal words to explain to your sweetheart just how much they mean to you in a handwritten letter. This is romantic to its core, and harkens back to the romantic poets and playwrights of the olden days. This is a tangible piece of your love, something that can’t be bought, and something that can’t be recreated. Sweet and personal, any guy or gal is sure to appreciate the effort and heartfelt sentimental behind this gift and will definitely treasure it for years to come.

Make Delicacies Yourself
If the budget is tight but you still want to indulge, try your hand at some culinary delicacies in your own kitchen. While the grocery trip might be more expensive than your weekly shopping list, buying and cooking your own filet mignon is going to be a lot cheaper than heading to a four-star restaurant and paying for the service on top of the steak. Sit together and plan out your dream meal, then start looking up recipes and techniques to make your favorites. This will give you both something exciting to look forward to, and makes your date into a more interactive experience that will transport you both back to the days of the exciting unknown that was the beginning of your relationship. You can set the atmosphere in your home by spreading out a tablecloth (hint, hint: a pressed white sheet works in a pinch), lighting some candles, and putting on a little bit of mood music. All the allure of a fancy restaurant, without the exorbitant price tag. Make sure you both still dress up for the occasion, and try to avoid seeing each other before you’re both ready. It’ll provide a little more nervous anticipation to the evening.

A Weeklong Event
Make your anniversary into a weeklong affair and start rolling out small presents or surprises early. Surprise him with a delivery of his favorite meal on Monday, send him with a special note in his pocket Tuesday, make his favorite dinner Wednesday, send a racy text on Thursday, and finish up the week with a sweet anniversary gift of your choosing. Showering your attention all over your special someone for an entire week is sure to improve the romance in your relationship and make for a wonderful anniversary celebration.

If you have an anniversary coming up, make the occasion special without depleting your bank account. Incorporate these unique and inexpensive celebratory ideas into your occasion. If you do decide you want to  splurge on a limo rental or professional massage, let TalkLocal help connect you to a local pro.

5 Convenient Staycation Tips for This Summer

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015


Your area may not have a nice stock photo beach like this one, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had near you. The “staycation” is taking America by storm as people save time and money by planning their dream trip for this summer… without the trip. Below are five staycation tips that’ll help you enjoy a getaway to your own backyard.

Plan With Your Family

To get your family (especially children) invested in the idea of a staycation, it’s convenient to bring them in to the planning process. Since you have some familiarity with your own area, it’s easy to fill a staycation itinerary with a variety of activities in order to engage everyone.

Take Cues from the Tourists

Just as hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers never visit the Statue of Liberty, there is probably a world-famous (or at least nationally-famous) attraction in your area that you’ve never seen. A staycation provides an opportunity to be a tourist in your own town– grab your favorite Hawaiian shirt and guidebook, then go mimic the photo-junkies from elsewhere.

Treat Yourself

You are already making a very financially responsible decision by foregoing travel for vacation. It’s important to give yourself a pat on the back for your frugality, and to not let it get obsessive. Staycations provide a perfect excuse to splurge on a five-star restaurant, a spa day, a pool/athletic club membership, etc. You don’t have to be in a resort town to pamper yourself.

Use Local Search Apps

Sticking around in the summer gives you the opportunity to explore your area more. With the advent of local search technology, finding previously-unknown restaurants, attractions, and businesses near you is as easy as opening an app. The most useful of these apps include Yelp, Google Maps, and (shameless plug) TalkLocal.

Get Vacation-Quality Service

Some hardcore staycationers go so far as to rent a local hotel room for the full experience. If that’s a little excessive for you, you can also purchase the kind of personal services hotels offer for your home. While you’re on your staycation, hire a cleaning service. Get nice meals delivered. Take taxis or Ubers. This way you can enjoy hotel-quality treatment without the steep hotel markup.

The ideal staycation involves a pretty simple goal: it’s about creating luxury out of what is familiar to you. Often, staycationers find an additional benefit to kicking back this way: without all the unknowns of a new place, planning a staycation is easy. If you want to make it even easier, use TalkLocal to get connected to cleaners, taxis, massage therapists, and other service professionals who can help you create your dream getaway in your own town.


Best Chair for Back Pain

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Best Chair for Back Pain - Massage Therapy

After a long day of work, nothing can reduce stress levels and help you relax faster than a highly beneficial massage therapy session. Unfortunately, not all people have the chance to visit a wellness center regularly or rely on the skills of an experienced masseuse on a daily basis.

In this case, a DIY approach is highly recommended. By simply purchasing the very best chair for back pain, you could easily enjoy a well-deserved pampering experience in the comfort of your own home.

Alleviating Back Pain in Your Own Home

Recent studies indicate that more than 50% of all people experience excruciating back pain and are looking for ways to address this awful problem that inevitably impacts their lifestyle and their welfare. Long hours spent in front of the computer affect the normal “S” shape of our spine and expose us to a great deal of pain and various health problems.

Surprisingly, muscle inactivity is the main factor responsible for the abnormal C-shaped spines associated with terrible pain. The best way to prevent unnatural spine curvature is to limit the hours spent on stiff chairs or sofas and to balance your own upper body while you are sitting on a relatively unstable seat. This way, you’ll get the chance to work your muscles and keep your back fit, pain-free, and strong at all times.

How to Identify the Right Chair for You

According to respectable chiropractors, the best chair for back pain is the one that helps you preserve your mobility while seated. Now, you could easily find a wide range of products serving this purpose, from huge bouncy balls to elegant ergonomic office chairs with armrests and cushions designed to keep your spine in an ideal position.

Discuss Your Options with a Massage Therapy Specialist

Choosing the best chair for back pain can be difficult, especially since you’d have to analyze many appealing options currently available on the market. Narrow down your search by simply contacting a massage therapy expert.

Identify the most reputable one by using TalkLocal, a cost-free, useful service introduced to help you meet hundreds of professionals from different fields who are ready to address your specific needs.

Why You Should Invest in a Good Office Chair

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Why You Should Invest in a Good Office Chair - Massage Therapy

A high-quality office chair is so much more than a common piece of furniture: it is a powerful, long-term ally, enabling you to improve your posture and prevent back pain. In other words, a comfy, ergonomic office chair used every single day keeps the chiropractor away. Here are a few excellent reasons why you should invest in a good office chair.

Relax Your Over-stressed Back While You’re Working

Our busy schedules often keep us from enjoying the pampering treatments and therapies that we deserve. On the other hand, a good office chair allows us to relax while we work and reduce those sky-high stress levels in the blink of an eye.

Maintaining Healthier Spine and a Pain-Free Back in the Long-Term

While it’s true that a well-built ergonomic chair usually costs more than a traditional office chair, it represents a smart long-term investment for a number of reasons.

Apart from the fact that it is designed to help you de-stress and eliminate tension in your own environment, it also contributes to a healthier spine and a pain-free back by ensuring the adequate support for your arms, neck and your lumbar region. Furthermore, you can customize most seats as you see fit in order to attain a well-balanced weight distribution.

Appealing Design

The right ergonomic chairs could turn even the dullest office spaces into modern, aesthetically pleasing environments.

These days, you can find a plenitude of options on the market, available in different shapes, sizes, and colors, so shop around until you finally find the one matching your specific design requirements.

Ask an Expert

Wondering why you should invest in a good office chair? Don’t know how to find the best office chair tailored to your needs? In this case, discuss your options with a massage therapy expert. Identify the most competent one in your area with TalkLocal, a free service created to help you track dependable specialists who live and work near you.

The Benefits of Peppermint Massage Oil

Friday, March 7th, 2014

The Benefits of Peppermint Massage Oil - Massage Therapy

We all enjoy a good massage session. This can be a real ally when it comes to coping with our stressful lives. In order to obtain the most exquisite effects, it is important to choose your massage oil carefully. Lavender helps you sleep well, jasmine makes you feel sexier; there are hundreds of reasons for you to turn to aromatherapy and let yourself pampered at the end of a busy day.

Why Peppermint Massage Oil

A hybrid between watermint and spearmint, peppermint is an ingredient that can be very helpful in digestion. Due to its high concentration of menthol, it has a cooling, therefore soothing effect. It can soothe different kinds of indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, abdominal pain, but also headaches and nausea. It has a general soothing and calming effect.

You can simply rub a small amount of peppermint oil under your nose in order to improve your concentration capacity. So, if you want to combat stress, pain, and lack of concentration, you could use some peppermint massage oil.

How to Prepare Your Peppermint Massage Oil

You can make yourself a lovely treat and benefit from it at home. Here’s what you should do:

1. Take a glass recipient.

2. Pour ten teaspoons of a carrier oil into your recipient.

3. Add some peppermint essential oil drops.

4. Stir the mixture until it is homogeneous.

5. Put your peppermint massage oil into a dark bottle.

It is recommended to you use a glass recipient because the plastic ones may contaminate your natural peppermint massage oil. As far as the carrier oil is concerned, you can use grape seed or coconut oil, as they’re the most inodorous. You will add as much peppermint drops as needed; but not too much — it can become toxic. Dark bottles are a good choice because they prevent the oxidation process of oils. Enjoy!

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History of Balinese Massage

Friday, February 21st, 2014

History of Balinese Massage - Massage Therapy

Balinese massage is an old form of massage developed in Bali, an Indonesian island, which is a popular vacation spot for tourists. Bali is also famous for its traditional healing techniques, of which Balinese massage is an integral part.

What Is the History of Balinese Massage?

Because contact with Indonesian islands was sought for their spices in the past, there were frequent commercial exchanges. Balinese massage was inspired by Ayurveda, or traditional Indian medicine, and Chinese acupressure, which were brought by travelers and merchants from India and China. Balinese traditional medicine was first documented by a Doctor W. Weck, a Dutch man, in the 1930’s.

Balinese massage, as it is practiced today, combines a series of techniques deriving from acupressure and reflexology. To this, it adds aromatherapy to enhance relaxation, both of the body and the mind.

Balinese Massage Techniques

Building on Ayurvedic texts that teach a holistic healing system which aims to restore balance between the body and the mind, Balinese massage includes techniques that work most body muscles, increasing blood flow and energy. Because it uses pressure more than other forms of massage, it’s more demanding for muscles, and may be more relaxing if performed in a spa.

Besides acupressure, Balinese massage incorporates reflexology. It focuses on specific points in your body to remove tension and alleviate pain. Reflexology targets the hands, ears, and feet, which are thought to be correlated with internal organs. By pressing particular points in these parts of the body, the masseuse stimulates relaxation and healing.

Balinese Massage and Aromatherapy

Balinese massage integrates aromatherapy to enhance relaxation and well being. It uses strong and exotic oils, which are combined with massage techniques to induce full body relaxation and relieve stress.

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Should You Tip a Massage Therapist? How Much?

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

Should You Tip a Massage Therapist? How Much? - Massage Therapy

When it comes to tipping a massage therapist, many people are unsure whether they should offer a tip or not. There are no norms, so offering a tip or not is an individual decision to a large extent. However, a few considerations might be helpful.

Should You Tip a Massage Therapist?

Basically, a tip expresses your appreciation for the service you’ve been offered. If you’re happy with the massage, or if the massage therapist impressed you with his or her skills, you may want to show that by giving a tip.

In some places, such as clinics or health clubs, tipping is not usually part of the protocol. But there are some professional massage therapists who say that tipping is appreciated even in medical settings. However, if you’re not sure, you can ask, either directly, or on the phone when you make an appointment, if it makes you feel more comfortable.

If tipping is not standard or if you don’t feel like doing it, you may want to recommend the massage therapist to express your gratitude. Referrals are often as good as a tip. On the other hand, in hotels, or in spas, it’s customary to offer tips to the masseuse. Typically, the tip is about 15%, or even 20% if you’re satisfied with the service.

When it comes to getting a therapeutic massage in a parlor or salon, tipping is not regarded as a must, but it’s always welcome. Just like servers, massage therapists work hard, but don’t earn much, so tips are always appreciated. A massage therapist must give part of what she makes to their employer, and pay their taxes; therefore, her net income is lower than you might think. If you believe that they did a good job, and if they made you feel better after the massage, you may want to say thank you by giving them a tip.

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Tea Tree Oil Benefits

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Tea Tree Oil Benefits - Massage Therapy

Tea tree oil is an effective natural remedy for many ailments, due to its curative properties in fighting infections. It is a powerful anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral, which is used in a wide spectrum of conditions.

Tea tree oil should not be confused with tea oil. They come from different plants and have different uses. Tea tree oil is extracted from a plant which is native to Australia, and has been used for a long time by the Aboriginal people on the Eastern Australian coast as an antiseptic in treating various skin problems.

What Are the Most Important Tea Tree Oil Benefits?

Topical Application

Tea tree oil is an effective antiseptic and can be applied on the skin to heal a number of conditions, including:

– Acne

– Blisters

– Warts

– Rashes

– Sun Burns

– Herpes

– Skin Irritation

Oral Care

Used as mouthwash in a water mixture, tea tree oil can remove bad breath, plaque, and can reduce gum inflammation. It can also prevent infections associated with dental surgery. However, it is important to use tea tree oil as directed, and never more than indicated. Tea tree oil should never be swallowed undiluted, because it can have serious side effects due to its powerful ingredients.

Tea Tree Oil Inhalations

Tea tree oil is also used to alleviate or cure respiratory problems, such as sore throat, asthma, and bronchitis. Used in steam inhalations, tea tree oil can cure sore throat and laryngitis, can eliminate mucus, and destroy throat or chest infections. Inhalations are done by pouring a few tea tree oil drops in hot water, and then inhaling the vapors, after covering your head with a towel and leaning over a bowl filled with hot water.

Avoid taking tea tree oil in pure form under any circumstances, because it can cause serious side effects.

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Stretches for Lower Back Pain

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Stretches for Lower Back Pain - Massage Therapy

Lower back pain is an extremely annoying and disrupting factor that could stop us from completing our daily tasks at any given point in time. This is precisely why we should try to prevent it, by embracing a workout routine that includes stretches for lower back pain. These simple physical exercises are fun, enable us to stay in excellent shape, and provide important health benefits.

Choosing the Right Program for You

There are three main categories of exercise routines designed to fight or prevent lower back pain: an initial program, an intermediate one, and an advanced exercise program. Choose the best one for you based on your physical condition. Set realistic goals to avoid muscle fever and frustration.

The Initial Exercise Program

This first phase includes simple exercises, like for instance:

Ankle pumps: lie on your back, relax, and just gently move your ankles up and down. Repeat this exercise at least 10 times.

Heel slides: while resting on your back, bend, and afterwards straighten both knees at a time. Repeat this exercise at least 10 times.

Also, do a full set of 10 abdominal contractions, 10 heel raises, and 10 straight leg raises to complete the initial program.

The Intermediate Program

This second phase will help you prevent lower back pain in a highly effective manner. It includes knee-to-chest stretches, hamstring stretches, and simple exercises with a Swiss ball.

You can lie over the ball, place it between your lower back and a wall, and sit on it while raising your arms over your head. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t overstress your lower back.

The Advanced Program

The last phase includes more complex exercises like hip flexor stretches, “piriformis” stretches, and lumbar stabilization stretches that require the utilization of your Swiss ball.

Ask an Expert

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