The Keyboard Keys Keep Sticking

The Keyboard Keys Keep Sticking Computer Repair

Are your keyboard keys sticking together? Set a time to clean your keyboard. Make sure you are not rushed and have enough time to do a thorough job. Doing the job in a hurry could potentially damage your computer.  Here is what to do when the keyboard keys keep sticking.

Most of the time, there is one simple step. Using compressed air helps clean any food, dirt, or anything else that may be stuck under a key. If this step does not work, here are other steps to un-stick a key.

First read your User’s Manual. This will let you know if the keyboard keys can be removed for cleaning.

Materials you need for cleaning:

– Cotton swabs

– Paper towels

– Rubbing alcohol

– Water

– Tweezers

– Kitchen strainer

– Windex or similar household cleaning product

– Super Lube Dry Film spray


1. DISASSEMBLE: Carefully pry off each key. You can use a small screwdriver. The keys should pop off. Do not use excessive force, you may break something. Notice that there is a small rubber piece for each key. Take these off and place in a different container.

2. CLEAN KEYBOARD: Slightly dampen a paper towel or cotton swabs with water. Clean and wipe down the keyless keyboard. This will clean all water soluble contents such as sugary drinks. Use tweezers and the air compressor to remove all small contents that may be stuck. Repeat this procedure again using rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs.

3. CLEAN KEYS: Some keys may have grease on them, clean these first with cotton swabs and naptha (lighter fluid). Then place all keys in a kitchen strainer. Spray with household cleaner and leave for at least 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with hot water, then place keys on paper towels to dry.

4. STRAIN RUBBER COMPONENTS: Place all rubber components in a kitchen strainer. Spray with household cleaner and leave for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with hot water and place on paper towels. Fold the towels over and press to squeeze out the water. Dry completely.

5. LUBRICATE KEYS: Place all keys bottom-up on a paper bag. Lightly coat the keys, at a 45 degree angle with Super Lube Dry Film lubricant. Do this from all 4 sides. DO NOT overdue as the solvent may affect the plastic.

6. LUBRICATE KEYBOARD: Apply lubricant to the keyboard and let dry.

7. REASSEMBLE: Place all rubber components into the keyboard. Press down key with force to snap on keys. Remember to place keys in the appropriate places.

Hint: IBM laptops have a built in drain in the keyboard. IBM recommends pouring water in the keyboard to drain any sticky liquids, dirt, crumbs, etc. Don’t forget to air-dry.

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