Two-Tone Paint Colors for the Living Room

Two-Tone Paint Colors for the Living Room Painters

Spruce up your living room with a fresh paint color—or two. Two-tone paint colors are a simple, yet attractive way to enhance the look of your living room. Choosing harmonious two-tone paint colors for the living room can be tough, so read below for foolproof color schemes. Then, brush up on some popular paint designs for two-tone living rooms.

Color choices

Analogous color schemes are comprised of colors that lie next to one another on the color wheel. For example, blue and green are analogous colors. More specifically, robin’s egg blue and teal are also analogous colors. An analogous color scheme is a subtle way to enhance the dimensions of a room. Usually, there is one dominant color and one supportive color in an analogous color scheme. For example, you can have terra cotta as a dominant color and cream as a supportive color.

Complementary color schemes are comprised of colors that are across from one another on the color wheel. For example, yellow and violet are complementary colors. Complementary colors should be balanced throughout the room because of their high contrast. Use complements to accent details in the room. You can also choose furnishings that match the complementary colors to fill out the room better.



Some people use two-tone paint colors to make living rooms with high ceilings more proportional. The top half of the wall is painted one tone and the bottom half is painted with the other. The color change breaks up the tall appearance of the wall.


Color changes can be used to bring focus to one part of the room. With this design, each wall is painted entirely with either of the two tones. The combination of designs is flexible; some people paint just one wall a different color to bring attention to the wall décor or brighten that side of the room. Others paint the ceiling a different color to make the room seem bigger.

Single stripe

Bring attention to the two-tone color choice by painting a thick stripe of the alternate color across the middle of the room. This is a bold and interesting way to showcase both tones. The stripe also makes the room more unified because it runs around the entire room.

Regardless of your color choice or design, utilizing two-tone paint colors is an easy way to add style to your living room. You can get started right away by hiring a local painter through TalkLocal. Just submit a service request on TalkLocal’s website to talk with a high quality painter in minutes!


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