Clay Tile Roof Installation Cost

Clay Tile Roof Installation Cost Roofers

Installing a clay tile roof can bring old-fashioned charm and beauty to any style of home. Although a clay tile roof may be attractive, keep in mind they are usually a bit more expensive than traditional roofing materials. If you are considering installing a clay tile roof, there are various factors to consider in order to accurately estimate the cost.  Read more below to get an estimate of clay tile roof installation cost.

Cost of Building Materials

Clay tile roofing is typically more durable than traditional roofing options; clay tile roofing manufacturers offer warranties in excess of 50 years. However, this durability comes at a price – the materials often are over twice as expensive asnormal roofing materials. Depending on the type of clay tile roof you want, the difference could be over fifty dollars per square foot!

Cost of Installation

Another major factor to consider when estimating total costs are the higher labor rates for installing clay roofing. Clay’s weight and composition make it more difficult to work with than traditional roofing materials. Because of the skill required to work with clay tile roofing, the installation costs are often over twice as expensive than normal. The cost can increase even further if the pitch of your roof is steep enough to prevent walking on the roof. You will also have to account for the extra time it takes to install scaffolding and roof brackets as well. All of these factors will have to be accounted for in your final estimate.

Clay roof installations are difficult and not often attempted by the average homeowner. Make sure that your installation is taken care of by experienced consultants and contractors.

If you are still having trouble estimating your roof installation costs, or are ready to hire a reliable company to do your installation, use TalkLocal to get in contact with local roofers immediately.

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