How to Remove a Very Large Fallen Tree

How to Remove a Very Large Fallen Tree Tree Removal

Removing a large fallen tree by yourself tends can be very difficult and dangerous, especially if you don’t have much experience with tree removal. Using a chainsaw is also extremely dangerous, and if you’re a novice, you should never try to remove a large tree by yourself. Professional help is highly recommended, as fallen trees can occur in many different dangerous scenarios that can’t all be covered in one article. Partially fallen trees are the most dangerous, as they are usually supported by a few branches under great tension and can resume falling at any time. Some tips on how to remove a very large fallen tree are provided below.

–  Always have at least another person work with you. This is in case you get trapped or injured, there’s someone to call for help.

– Partially fallen trees are extremely unpredictable, so always have an exit strategy and a path cleared in case the tree falls or starts rolling.

– You must wear appropriate safety gear, do not even consider using a chainsaw on a fallen tree unless you are well protected.

– Make sure your chainsaw is sharpened before you start the job. Dull chainsaws get caught more easily and makes the job much slower.

– Always stand on the opposite side of the limb you’re cutting.

– Cut smaller branches off first, gradually leaving only the trunk behind.

– Start at the base of the tree if possible, and work your way up.

– Before cutting a branch, check if it’s under pressure first. If it is, cut as close to the pressure point as possible, as branches can whip extremely quickly.

– If large branches are propping the tree trunk up, always leave them on the trunk to prevent the trunk from rolling.

– Every couple of branches, clear the debris from where you are working, as tripping or stepping on a branch could result in horrific injuries.

– If your chainsaw blade ever gets stuck, turn it off immediately. Do not turn it back on until you have removed the blade from the tree. Use a wedge to remove the chainsaw, as pulling with brute force can be dangerous.

– If the trunk is flat on the ground, cut the trunk into multiple pieces first. Make sure your chainsaw is large enough to cut through the trunk of the tree, as one that is big enough to cut off the branches may not be big enough to cut through the trunk.

Removing large fallen trees should always be done by an experienced professional, so use TalkLocal for free to find a highly rated tree removal company in your area today.

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