TV on but No Sound

TV on but No Sound TV Repair

Watching your favorite show without sound is like corn flakes without milk; it’s just not the same. When you turn your TV on but no sound comes out, you want to verify a few things, like loose cables and volume settings, before banging the side of your TV.  Here is are some things to try when the TV on but no sound is coming out.

It is possible that your TV could be on mute. Turn off mute by clicking the mute button on your remote. Your volume might also be turned all the way down. Tinker with the volume and turn it up to see if this solves your problem. Also, check that the audio is NOT set to SAP, which stands for Separate Audio Programming. Locate the MTS button on your remote and press it until you see “MAIN” on your screen or until you hear sound.

The wires behind your TV might not be plugged in properly or could be damaged. Check all cables to verify that they are firmly plugged into the correct ports. For instance, if the video cables are connected to the Video 1 port, then the audio cables must also be connected to the Video 1 port. If you can, try using different audio cables. If the sound works with the new cables, then it means the old ones were damaged. If the new ones do not work, then there is a problem with the audio port. Make the colored cables are in the corresponding colored outlets.

You may also try unplugging and re-plugging your TV from its power source. Unplug all the cables behind the TV, but be sure to keep track which cable is plugged in where. Sometimes a reboot is all your TV needs to function properly.

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2 Responses to “TV on but No Sound”

  1. Rene garza says:

    No sound on tv. Its a sanyo lcd pitcher is good

  2. Ruth Campbell says:

    i was watching tv , I had to go out for a few mins so turned tv off , when I came back I switched on and no sound since.

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