What to Use to get Red Wine out of Carpet

What to Use to get Red Wine out of Carpet Carpet Cleaning

The last thing you want to spill on your carpet is red wine.  However, if you do, don’t panic- there are a few at-home remedies that can help remove a red wine stain.  Continue reading to learn what to use to get red wine out of carpet.

1.    Club Soda and Table Salt

If the red wine has dried up, club soda and table salt are the perfect combination to remove it.  First, apply the club soda to the stain so its carbonation can lift up the red wine from the carpet.  Then, use table salt to soak up the red wine.  We recommend leaving the salt on the stain over night so it fully absorbs the stain.

2.    Talcum Powder and Corn Starch

Both of these items can soak up red wine very easily.  Once again, leave the substance on the stain overnight to ensure it soaks the stain up completely.  Vacuum the next day, if necessary.

3.    White Wine

White wine is the neutralizer to red wine and makes it easier to lift red wine off the carpet.  First, pour some white wine on the stained area and then blot with a thick towel.  Never rub, as this puts a stain deeper into the carpet.  If this does not completely get rid of the stain, use the club soda and table salt method to complete the process.

4.    Vinegar and Soap

Vinegar and soap can be mixed to be a remove red wine stains as well.  Apply the vinegar first, then the soap.  Let them both soak and then wash and rinse.

5.    Oxy Stain Cleaners

These inexpensive cleaners are great for lifting and cleaning red wine stain on carpets.  They can be purchased at your local grocery store.

If none of these methods work and you’re looking into hiring a professional cleaning, use TalkLocal.  TalkLocal will connect you to up to three high quality carpet cleaners in your area today.

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