System Restore Windows Vista

system restore windows vista computer repair

System Restore Windows Vista

Windows Vista has a feature called System Restore that automatically backs up the registry and system files whenever new software or drivers are installed. System restore is useful when you accidentally install malicious software that can make your computer run slowly.

There are two places from which you can use System Restore. In Windows, you can just type “restore” into the Start menu search box and System Restore will immediately pop up at the top of the Start menu. Alternatively, you can type “rstrui” into the search box and hit enter. This will bring up a screen where you can choose to roll back the system to the last restore point you set up. You can click “Recommended restore” and click next, or you can choose a different restore point.

If you choose a different restore point, there will be a list of restore points that you can choose from. If there are any problems or errors while restoring, then try booting up in Safe Mode. For best results, you should always run System Restore from Safe Mode.

If your system won’t boot

If for some reason you can’t even get into Windows, then follow these instructions:

1. Boot off the installation DVD.

2. Choose the “Repair your computer” option on the lower left hand side. If you don’t have an installation disc, you can look up how to make one online.

3. Click next again.

4. Choose System Restore from the System Recovery dialog. It will take a few seconds to load

5. Click next.

6. Choose the drive that your copy that Vista is installed on.

7. Click finish. Windows will restore itself back to its previous restore point.

If you tried all these options and none of them worked, use TalkLocal to quickly get in contact with local IT professionals who can help you.

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