Windows Malware Virus Removal

Windows Malware Virus Removal Computer Repair

Malware is a broad term for malicious software.  Malware can range from spyware to Trojans. Malware removal can be difficult and challenging, but don’t worry, we have some simple solutions for you to combat these nasty programs.

If you suspect malware on the computer but can still start up the computer normally, then use the following instructions. If you cannot access the computer normally, skip to the next set of instructions titled “Malware Virus Removal – If your computer can’t start normally.”

Windows Malware Virus Removal – If your computer can start normally

1. Delete temporary files. This can be accessed by going to Start > All programs > Accessories > System tools > Disk cleanup.

2. Run the Malicious Software Removal Tool. This can be started by typing in “MRT” in the run dialogue box.

3. If malware is found, remove using Windows OneCare. The Windows OneCare can be accessed online. Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are compatible with Windows OneCare.

4. If Windows OneCare does not remove the malware completely, use third-party software. There are various forms of free antivirus software available. AVG and Avria are some examples of free antivirus software available for download.

Malware Virus Removal – If your computer can’t start normally

1. On the first boot up screen, push  F8 for “Advanced Boot Options.”

2. Choose Safe Mode.

3. Delete temporary files as instructed above.

4. Run the third-party antivirus software’s scan and malware removal system.

5. Rename the setup to go around the malware block.

If the malware has made Windows unbootable, you can use CD/DVD and USB to boot an antivirus scanner. There are various antivirus programs that can be downloaded when the computer is unbootable. If this does not work, the last option is to do a clean reinstall Windows. Use Windows OS CD and boot the CD.

If the reinstall still does not work, contact a computer professional. TalkLocal can connect you with a high quality computer professional for free.

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