What Questions to ask Lawyer about Wills

What Questions to ask Lawyer about Wills Lawyers - Family

There are many estate planning lawyers out there, and you want the one who is the most qualified to represent your special case.  Make sure that the lawyer is reliable and has plenty of experience, and most importantly, he/she is someone that you feel like you can work closely with.  Read on for more information about what questions to ask lawyer about wills.

1.  If your situation is complicated, make sure that you find a lawyer who works specifically with wills and estate planning. Otherwise, if all you need is a simple will, a lawyer who has broad knowledge of many subjects such as estate planning will be able to do the job.

2.  Ask how many years of experience the attorney has in estate planning. The more experience, the more likely your lawyer will know how to deal with your specific situation. Also, ask specifically about cases similar to yours.

3.  Make sure the lawyer gives you a list of documents that he/she will need to see in order to evaluate your situation. Your lawyer will not be able to make a good decision otherwise.

4.  Does your lawyer foresee any problems that might occur in your case? By asking your lawyer to make an evaluation now, you’re preparing yourself as well for any situations that might appear, and the documents needed to possibly solve the issue.

5.  Ask your lawyer for an estimate for the length of time needed for this issue to be solved.

6.  Determine if your lawyer’s fee is a flat rate or by the hour. Most lawyers will offer a flat fee, but ask just in case to avoid any hidden fees.

7.  Your lawyer may pass on the case to another lawyer in the firm. Ask if this is the case, and if you could meet the other lawyer or staff as well.

These are basic questions to ask your lawyer about wills in almost every case, but as your lawyer learns more about your situation, expect to have more questions.  Remember that having a lawyer that you feel comfortable working with is the most important qualification, and that connection doesn’t exist with every lawyer.  Use TalkLocal for free to find the highest rated and most qualified attorneys in your area.

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  1. jach says:

    The more experience, the more likely your lawyer will know how to deal with your specific situation.

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