Fixing Leaking Pipes

Fixing Leaking Pipes Plumbers

When you get those pipe leaks, it’s time to carefully examine the pipes to come up with a proper solution. Some pipe leaks can be fixed by a simple patch, which you can find at your local hardware store and install yourself. Other leaks will need to be more carefully fixed, often with the replacement of a section of piping. When deciding whether or not to patch or replace piping, keep in mind that a patch is only a temporary solution; the pipe will need to be replaced entirely sooner or later. Read on for tips on fixing leaking pipes.

If you prefer to be handy and perform the work yourself, there are a few steps you will need to keep in mind before you begin. If it is an active pipe that constantly moves water through your home from the water department, you will need to turn off the water in your house. This is a safe precaution to do when doing any pipework to prevent further damage.

Find the water main and shut it off. It is typically located in one of two locations: outside your home or in your basement. If you are looking outside your home, it can sometimes be found below a deck or porch, or on the side of the house. If you have difficulty locating the main water valve, call your local water department; they should be able to assist you.

After you have located and turned off your main water valve, be sure to check that the water is completely turned off by opening faucets within the house. Once you are certain the water is not running, follow instructions to patch a pipe and take extra precaution if you are welding a new piece of pipe. Refer to these instructions for a variety of pipe fixes. Once the work is done, test the connection by turning the water back on in your home. Carefully look for any drops of water or leaks, and fix as necessary.

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