Water Leaking from Under Refrigerator

Water Leaking from Under Refrigerator Plumbers

You are raiding the kitchen for a midnight snack when you step in a water puddle from under refrigerator.  Water leaking from under refrigerator is never a good sign. First, you need to determine if the water is due to a leak or condensation.

If there is condensation on the outside of your refrigerator, it may indicate that there is not enough insulation. Check the rubber gasket that surrounds the door because it is responsible for keeping cool air inside and warm air out. To see if it is broken:

1. Put a lit flashlight into the fridge. Make sure it is facing outward.

2. Close the door. If light is visible when the door is closed, you need to replace the gasket.

However, puddles under your fridge are likely due to a leak rather than condensation. Consider the following problem areas and their solutions.

Leaking Drip Pan

1. Pull out the grill from underneath the fridge.

2. A drip pan is located beneath the drain tube, on top of a set of condenser coils. Remove the drip pan.

3. Take the drip pan to your faucet and fill it with water.

4. Check to see if it leaks. If it does, replace it.

Clogged Defrost Drain

1. Locate the defrost drain, a round hole or channel located at the bottom of the freezer or fridge.

2. Check the drain for debris.

3. Clean the drain using a baster filled with hot water. The hot water should clear out any interference and drain into the drip pan.

Loose Valves

1. Move the fridge away from the wall.

2. Locate the copper water-supply line that connects the house water line and the fridge water-supply valve. You many need to remove a back panel with a screwdriver to find it. Tighten the supply valve with a wrench where necessary.

3. Check the copper supply line and plastic supply tube for a leak. If those are broken, you need to buy a replacement.

a. Turn off your water supply before removing the leaking tube.

b. Take the tube to a hardware store to find the correct replacement.

If the above suggestions do not work, consult with a local plumber through TalkLocal. Just fill out a service request online or on the phone and TalkLocal will connect you with up to three service providers in your area who can help you.

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