How to Fix a Broken Window Pane in a Metal Frame

How to Fix a Broken Window Pane in a Metal Frame Window Replacement

Having a broken pane of glass in your window can be an extreme annoyance.  Not only is it a security hazard but it also allows the air and bugs from outside into your home.  However, replacing the pane is not as hard as you think.  Learn how to fix a broken window pane in a metal frame with the information provided below.

Begin by removing all the glass that is left in the metal frame.  You should wear goggles and gloves, and be cautious when doing so to make sure you don’t hurt yourself.  The next step is to take out the spring clips that hold the window to the frame.  You should also pry off all the old glazier’s putty. Then you have to go to a hardware store where you can buy the replacement glass.  Get it cut to measure and fit it into the pane.  In order to seal the glass and firmly attach it to the pane, you need to put glaziers compound all around it.  Press it firmly to the frame and glass and smooth the putty down.  Remove any excess putty to give the window a clean look.  You should also paint the putty so that it matches the rest of your windows.

Having to replace a window in a metal frame is a little easier than doing so in a wooden frame.  This is because you don’t have to worry about preventing the wood from absorbing all the oil from the putty.  Furthermore you don’t have to use glazier’s putty points.  You only have to worry about putting the spring clips back in place so that your window is securely attached to the frame.  Finally, it is a lot easier to replace the window pane in metal than wood because there is less opportunity to mess up.

If you are scared to try to replace the window pane yourself or want to get a professional’s opinion you should seek help.  Use TalkLocal to be put in contact with a reliable local window replacement company within minutes.  Simply input your problem and availability and you should have someone on the phone willing to help you almost immediately.

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  1. Mike says:

    I need to replace a window pane in my garage window. Window size is 30 x 21.5 . Can I just buy a piece of glass to put in it? Do I need to take whole window apart?

  2. Luke Smith says:

    This is a very good article about how to remove and repair a window and a pane. It makes sense to get the window fixed since it can be a hazard, and let in bugs, and rain. Hiring someone that is skilled at this would be very important.

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