Car Airbag Replacement Cost

Car Airbag Replacement Cost Auto Repair

Sadly, car accidents are one of leading cause of death in the United States. Airbags are essential in the frontal protection for car accidents, along with seat belts. When these accidents happen, airbags release and have to be replaced upon repair. Without an airbag, you can run the risk of serious injury if another accident occurs. But the question is how much do car airbag replacements cost? There are several factors that go into car airbag replacement cost.

1.   Type of Car

Type of car is one of the critical factors in determining airbag replacement cost.  The price of the car correlates with the price of the airbag. A Ferrari’s airbag will cost more than a Honda’s airbag.

2.   Type of Airbags

Driver’s airbags are cheaper than passenger side airbags; there is a $200-$600 price difference. Side curtain airbags are the newest airbags to come out on the market and are cheaper than passenger side bags. Used airbags are an option for people on a cheap budget. These are deployed airbags removed vehicles and refurbished. Before buying, check with your car insurance as some companies void coverage if used airbags are installed.

3.   Additional Costs

Along with the airbag itself, there are other pieces in the car that need to be replaced. Sensors are the most important mechanism of airbags as this detects a car accident and releases an airbag. There are clock springs and other items to replace for the airbag to work properly. One of the most expensive costs is the labor costs. Never replace an airbag by yourself as installation is difficult without proper training and could lead to serious injury. Always use a professional car mechanic for installation of an airbag.

In the end, an airbag replacement will cost around $1,000, and even up to $6,000, depending on the type of vehicle. For airbag installation, use TalkLocal. TalkLocal can connect you to the best car mechanics in your area.

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  1. Andre Beluchi says:

    Wow, that is interesting to know that a driver’s side airbag is cheaper than the passenger’s one. Why would that be the reason? This is something that got me wondering because it’s all new to me.

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