Mac vs PC Laptop Pros and Cons 2012

Mac vs PC Laptop Pros and Cons 2012 Computer Repair

The battle between Macintosh and PC users has been going on pretty much since the beginning of time. Now that Apple’s market share is growing, the battle is stronger than ever. Users are usually extremely attached to their choice in computers, which can make for some ugly online arguments. However, both choices have their merits, and it really all depends on your personal needs. Here we’ll list the features of both Macs and PCs and leave the decision making up to you.

Mac vs PC Laptop Pros and Cons 2012



– Stylish and attractive. Macs have been consistently voted the most attractive computers on the market, having slick hardware and user interface designs.

– Rarely get viruses due to their closed OS and relatively small share of the market, which results in less Mac viruses being created.

– High quality software that is bundled with Macs, as compared to most bloatware that comes with PCs.

– Higher resolution than most PCs, and are widely used by creative professionals due to the better software and monitor.

– Less poorly written programs that can cause conflicts and crash your computer, since Apple monitors the app for Macs closely.

– Macs generally have a faster boot up and shut down time.


– Overheating in their unibody Macbooks, since they tend to be built very compactly.

– Hard to upgrade your Mac, since parts tend to be Mac specific and owned by Apple. Scarcity equals an increase in price, which means Mac parts can be very expensive.

– For the same reason, it’s difficult to replace parts in your Mac by yourself. Even the iMac is hard to open and replace since the parts are packed in tightly in comparison to replacing PC parts.

– Smaller range of software. However, you could use Bootcamp to run a Windows OS on your Mac along with the original Mac OS.

– Most newer games don’t do well on a Mac, as many do not have a Mac version available and the Mac graphics card cannot be updated.

– Hard to customize due to their closed operating system.



– Wide variety available, from budget computers that cost around $300 to heavy duty custom machines that cost a couple of thousand.

– A lot of customization available on the market.

– Much easier to replace and upgrade parts on your own. Desktop towers tend to be quite roomy, and it’s not too hard to determine the function of each part.

– More computer repair places fix PCs. PC parts also tend to be much cheaper than Mac parts, and also come in greater varieties.

– All Mac software works on PCs, but not nearly as many PC software work on Macs.

– Easier to fix PC problems yourself, since it’s easier to access the operating system.


– Because Windows has very little control over the software, low quality software tends to be more common and can crash your computer.

– The quality of Windows computers have a wide range, and tend to be hit or miss. For someone who doesn’t know much about computers, looking at PC specifications can be confusing.

– PCs tend to get more viruses since PCs make up a greater part of the market. However, anti-virus software tends to be very comprehensive nowadays.

– PCs require more maintenance than Macs, and you’ll have to fix computer problems more often than on a Mac.

No matter what kind of computer you decide to get, you’ll probably have problems somewhere down the road. Mac repair technicians are especially hard to find, so why not use TalkLocal to find one that definitely repairs Macs instead of looking up numbers in a phone book?

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