Where to Save your Passwords

Where to Save your Passwords Computer Repair

Passwords can be a tricky thing. Some sites have password requirements like numbers and capital letters, while others have no requirements at all, making it all the more difficult to remember your passwords. If you are wondering where to save your passwords safely and securely, read on for tips.

A commonly used tactic for managing passwords is to use the same password for every account. Let’s start out by saying this is a terrible idea. Using a single password can be dangerous for your privacy, and that means that if a hacker finds your password on one site, they then have access to all your other accounts as well.

There are quite a few password-assistance programs out there on the Internet. Some of these password keepers allow you to store your login information after generating random, nonsensical passwords that they store for you. All these passwords can be accessed by a master password set by you.

This type of program has its obvious advantages as well as a its flaws. Let’s start with the positive – a program like this would provide passwords that would be hard to crack for any hacker, and if you ever forget one of the passwords, you can easily access it provided you remember your master password. The only issues with this are that if you forget your master password or if someone somehow learns your master password, then all your other accounts are in jeopardy. That’s why it’s important to use a complicated password that you can still remember. If you really want to be safe, you can keep a slip of this paper in a bank safety deposit box for maximum security.

Another option includes the use of cloud-based services. Most cloud storage programs include plenty of encryption and security on the data they hold that will keep your passwords secure. As long as you remember your password to the cloud storage program, you will be able to access whatever you store online (in this case, passwords). Once again, you will want to use a complicated password that you can still remember.

If you want to truly secure your passwords,  you should change your passwords every few months because the websites themselves (the actual owners of your account) have their own ways of storing information. For all we know, they could be broadcasting this information to hackers (they are probably not, but the point is you can’t rely on them to keep your information safe).

Saving your passwords is a lot like buying a car. The more research you do, the better off you will be. Using programs such as these allow you to be as secure as possible without too much hassle.

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