Tending your Garden after Hail Storm

Tending your Garden after Hail Storm Landscapers

A destructive storm just rolled through your town, pulling down electric lines, splitting tree limbs, and destroying your handcrafted garden. You’ve cleared your yard, restored electricity, and now all that’s left is your garden.  What do you do?  There are really a couple of major features you’ll want to focus on and if you use the following tips, you’ll have the garden back in shape in no time!  Check out this article to learn about tending your garden after hail storm.

Slugs and snails

Due to the moisture left behind after a storm, slugs and snails will be extremely present during the night and will destroy your young plants and seedlings if you don’t protect against them.  You can either collect up the slugs and snails by hand, or leave organic slug-repellent pellets.

Remove deadhead

You’ll want to remove all the damaged and faded flowers since the dead plant growth may actually inhibit younger and newer flowers from forming.  It will also spruce up your garden and encourage new plant growth in your garden to restore its luster.

Remove weeds

Weeds most likely will be thriving due to the abundance of water and debris thrown about by the storm.  You should immediately remove as many weeds as possible before they set seed or begin spreading throughout your garden.

Pot drainage

Many people have plants in pots sitting in their backyard.  However, with an excessive downpour, the pot drainage holes often times get clogged and actually fill up the pots with water, which will eventually kill the plants.  Make sure to drain your potted plants as soon as you can.  While you’re doing this, you may want to consider repotting your potted plants, as the roots eventually completely fill the pot leaving almost no air space.  Remove your plants from the pot, cut off dead roots, and then re-pot the plant in fresh mulch/compost.

Shopping Time

This is the perfect time to actually go out shopping to change your garden up!  Buy some new plants you’ve never had the courage to, especially now that you have some open real estate in the garden.  Many bedding plants are available at your nearby hardware and gardening stores, so change this disaster into an opportunity!

Sometimes, however, storms may leave you garden in an almost irreparable state.  If so, it may be best to call a professional landscaper to help restore your garden.  TalkLocal can help you talk with high quality local landscapers in just minutes so that you can recover your garden as soon as possible!

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