How to Clean a Leather Couch

How to Clean a Leather Couch Maid Services

Leather is a special material that reacts badly to many chemical cleaners, so soap and water is usually the best method to remove leather stains. However, different types of leather require different cleaning methods, as do different types of stains. Using a cleaner for a specific type of leather on the wrong leather could result in your couch changing colors. No matter the leather type, always do a test on an inconspicuous part of the sofa first to see if the leather becomes discolored.  Check out this article if you want to learn how to clean a leather couch.

Finished Leather

The leather on your sofa is most likely finished, which makes the leather more durable and easier to clean. This doesn’t mean that you can use whatever you want; it just means that you can use soap and a damp cloth to clean your couch. Make sure the soap isn’t too abrasive; moisturizing soap for sensitive skin is the best. The cloth or rag should also not be too abrasive, so microfiber is a good choice. Even with these precautions, still test the soap on a part of the sofa that no one will see to make sure it won’t discolor your leather. Rub the soap gently into the leather with the soft cloth, and then wipe it off with another clean cloth. Use a reliable leather conditioner, which is available at most home improvement and furniture stores, on the spot that you cleaned. This method should work for most finished leather stains, but a common stain many people have are water marks. These stains ironically come from the same method that’s used to clean them: cleaning your sofa with too much water. This is why you should always use a damp cloth instead of a soaking wet one.

Unfinished Leather

If your couch is unfinished, your job becomes a lot harder. Instead of regular hand soap, you’ll need special saddle soap for your unfinished couch. Use the same method used to clean finished leather to clean your unfinished leather sofa. In order to prevent stains from soaking into your sofa again, use a leather protection spray on your sofa after you’re done. Note that even with the special saddle soap, you need to test it on a hidden part of your sofa first to see if it changes color. Even specially made formulas for unfinished leather may not work on your sofa, since different types of unfinished leather absorb chemicals at different rates. Ultra porous materials like lamb and calf leather will absorb and lose moisture much faster than regular unfinished leather.

Since leather is a very finicky material, it’s best to call a professional in order to avoid damaging your couch. TalkLocal can find you professionals to clean your leather sofa for no additional charge!

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