How to Remove Smoke Odors From your Home

How to remove smoke odors from your home Maid Services

Smoke not only smells bad, but when it lingers in your home, it can permanently ruin your carpets and furniture with its pungent odor. Learn how to remove smoke odors from your home by reading the tips provided below.

– There is a good chance that the odor has settled into your carpet, curtains and even the upholstery on your furniture. Try sprinkling baking soda over the surfaces of your furniture and carpets, and let it sit for a couple hours or even overnight, then vacuum it up. You may even need to steam wash your carpets.

– Be sure to wash or dry clean your curtains frequently. Try washing your walls and ceiling as well.

– Air out your house frequently. Open all doors and windows for an extended period to make sure a breeze is coming through.

– Place small bowls of vinegar or boxes of baking soda around your house to absorb the odors.

– You may need to resort to more expensive solutions, like repainting your walls, reupholstering your furniture, and/or recarpeting your floors.

– Lastly, try to avoid smoking in the house. It can make a huge difference.

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