What to do when a Pipe Bursts

What to do when a Pipe Bursts Plumbers

A burst pipe is a major water emergency and you must act fast before water damage affects your home and belongings. Read the following tips to learn what to do when a pipe bursts unexpectedly.

1. Turn off the water supply. The valve is usually located either under the kitchen sink or in the area where the main service pipe connects to your home. If there’s no water running through your pipes, then water can’t come out of the burst pipe.

2. Drain your pipes by turning on all the cold water taps and flushing all your toilets. Turn off the hot water heater and then turn on all your hot water taps. Also turn off your electricity immediately, as the water may have soaked through your electrical system as well, making it extremely dangerous.

3. Locate the burst pipe:

a) Check first for areas with obvious water damage. If there’s a wet spot in your home that’s not usually there, it’s probably a sign that the burst pipe is nearby.

b) Check all the indoor parts of your home that have pipes, which would be around any fixture that uses water. Remember to check your water heater too!

c) If you can find no sign that an indoor pipe has burst, check outside for an area on the ground that’s especially soft and mushy, especially if it isn’t usually.

d) The burst pipe may also make a hissing, splashing, or thumping sound. If you hear any strange noises coming from the inside of your walls, that’s where it might be.

e) If the leak is very tiny, consider using electrical tape to repair it yourself. Start by wrapping the tape diagonally in a place before the leak, and then proceed to wrap the tape around the pipe until the tape is in a position after the leak. If you want, double wrap it in the other direction for greater security.

4. Get professional help! If it’s a big leak, or if the leak was in the main pipe, you must replace the pipe. An electrician needs to check and fix any wiring that had been ruined by the water leak. Also, you need to assess the water damage in your house, as it could cause a variety of huge issues, such as a rotting foundation. Because a burst pipe can affect so many different parts of your home, use TalkLocal to find all the quality professionals you need immediately. Best of all, the service is free.

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