Installing Electrical Wiring in a Wall Oven

Installing Electrical Wiring in a Wall Oven Appliances Repair

If you recently purchased a new oven and would like to install it on your own, the most difficult step will probably be getting it connected to your home’s electrical system.  For most of us, wiring a major appliance like an oven is a daunting task.  It can be very confusing figuring out which wire goes where and how exactly to connect everything safely.  Here are a few steps to keep in mind to help you cut down on the stress and strain of installing electrical wiring in a wall oven.

The first thing to do before getting started is read up on your local electrical wiring codes.  Many localities now require a separate neutral and grounding wire, which means that you will need to have four different wires connecting your oven to your house. These wires are: a black power wire, a red power wire, a white neutral wire, and a bare or green ground wire.  If your local code does not require a separate grounding wire, you will only need the red, black, and white wires.  You will be connecting the wires from your oven to the junction box in your kitchen.  Before installing, consult your oven’s user manual and check that the amp requirements are met by the circuit breaker the junction box is connected to, and then disconnect the power supply by tripping the breaker for the circuit.  Be absolutely sure that you flip the correct fuse or you could seriously injure yourself.

Now you should be ready to connect your oven.  Simply connect the black wire from your oven to the black wire in your junction box, and the red oven wire to the red junction box wire.  If you need to use separate neutral and grounding wires, connect the white oven wire to the white junction box wire and the green/bare oven wire to the junction box itself.  Otherwise, connect both of these two wires to the casing of the junction box.  Once all of this wiring is installed safely and securely you can turn the circuit breaker back on and your oven should be ready to use.  If something went wrong or the oven will not turn on, you might need to bring in a professional electrician.  Luckily, you can find one in your area in just minutes by using TalkLocal to automatically connect you for free.  All you have to do is enter your name, contact info, and a short description of your problem.  Try it out today for all your home service needs!

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