No Light on Laptop Charger

No Light on Laptop Charger Computer Repair

While a laptop charger is usually one of the most resilient pieces of technology that we own, it is still susceptible to failure.  We often times rely on the charger light to see whether or not our laptop is charging, so if it gives a faulty indication light, you may need to get your charger replaced.  You’ll first want to go through these basic troubleshooting steps to see whether or not you can fix the charger yourself.  Of course, before you continue, you’ll want to check you’re using a good outlet and the correct adapter for your laptop.  If all else fails and you still have no light on laptop charger then check out this article.

Check the charger parts seperately

If the LED on your charger doesn’t light up, there are a couple of things you can do to check for errors.  You can swap out the AC plug (that goes into the wall) with another AC plug.  If it starts charging the computer and the light turns on, then you’ll need to order another  AC cord as your current one is faulty.  Check to make sure that the pins aren’t stuck or dirty; you can simply plug and unplug the adapter to and from the port, which should reset the pins to a neutral position.  If you have a Mac, you may want to reset the System Management Controller, which may resolve some unusual system behavior like the LED not coming on.  You can do this by shutting down the computer, disconnecting the power adapter, removing the battery, and pressing the power button for five seconds.

For the Avid DIYer

You can also choose to take the charger apart yourself and examine it for any tears or breaks in the wiring, as this often times will cause the LED to malfunction.   It may be easiest to actually talk with a computer repair professional about this step, as they have the necessary tools and precautions to repair your charger safely.  TalkLocal can connect you with a high quality local professional in just minutes, so you can take care of this problem as soon as possible!

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