Should Gums Bleed when Flossing?

Should Gums Bleed when Flossing? Dentists

Should gums bleed when flossing?

Your gums are a very important part of your oral health.  The gum tissue in your mouth keeps your teeth in place and stops them from wiggling around.  You should take care to properly brush your gums along with your teeth so that they stay healthy and do not decay.  Sometimes when you floss, your teeth and your gums will begin to bleed. This could be the result of a few things, some serious and some not so serious. So, should gums bleed when flossing?  Keep reading to learn more.

Reasons why they bleed:

–  Your gums haven’t been flossed in a while

–  They are oversensitive

–  Gum disease (Periodontal disease)

When your gums are bleeding during flossing it could be a simple issue.  If you haven’t flossed in a while or your gums are very sensitive they will bleed very easily.  When you stimulate them too much, it can become painful and cause bleeding.  This is not too big of a deal.  You should just continue to brush and floss your gums and eventually they will strengthen up and stop bleeding.  If this does not happen and the bleeding continues or gets worse, you may have a more serious problem such as gum disease.

Periodontal disease is a much more serious problem.  It is the breakdown and decay of your gum tissue.  This sickness can attack people of any age.  The main factor is how you care for your teeth, so don’t think that just because you are young you can’t have gum disease.  If you suspect that you have gum disease, see you dentist immediately.

What to do:

–  Brush your teeth for 2 whole minutes and make sure you hit your gums too

–  Floss regularly aka every night

–  Use mouth wash

–  See a dentist if problems persist

If you continue to have problems with your gums bleeding you should seek professional help.  Use TalkLocal to be put in contact with reliable local dentists within minutes.  Simply input your problem, location and availability, and you should receive a call from someone who can help you almost immediately.

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