What Causes Tooth Decay

What Causes Tooth Decay Dentists

Tooth decay, simply put, is the process that results in a cavity.  Almost all of us have gone through the process of getting that toothache and then going to the dentists to get the cavity filled.  Many people like to attribute the development of cavities to “too much candy,” but while excessive sugars are definitely a major factor in tooth decay, cavities are a result of much more than just what we eat. Read on to learn more about what causes tooth decay and the preventative measures you can take.

What causes tooth decay?

Tooth decay can be attributed to a combination of bacteria and food.  The bacteria on your teeth form a sticky and clear substance called plaque around your teeth.  The bacteria in the plaque then take the sugars from the foods you eat and produce acid as a waste product.  The acids eventually burn through your enamel in a process called demineralization, exposing the sensitive pulp of your teeth and creating a cavity.

How can I prevent tooth decay?

Preventing tooth decay is fairly simple and really a matter of eating the right foods and maintaining good dental hygiene. It is essential to brush your teeth twice a day: once when you wake up and once before you sleep.  This removes as much plaque and bacteria from your mouth as possible.  Without plaque and bacteria, your tooth’s enamel cannot be worn down by the acids even if you do eat sugary foods often. Likewise, you should also floss daily because it also removes the bacteria wedged between your teeth that regular brushing cannot reach.

Diet changes can help as well.  Try avoiding sticky foods with high sugar contents such as raisins and caramel, as these not only have the sugars for bacteria but also are extremely sticky and difficult to remove from your teeth.  The longer the sugary food stays in your mouth, the more damage the bacteria can do.

I already have tooth decay. How can I treat it?

It all depends on the severity of the tooth decay.  If you’re only experiencing very slight tooth decay, you may be able to reverse it using fluoride rinses.  In all other cases, you’ll need to see a dentist.  A dentist will be able to recommend the correct course of action to repair your tooth.  In most cases of mild tooth decay, you may need to have the cavity filled, but in more severe cases, you may need a root canal or even tooth removal.

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