How to get Rid of Allergens in your Home

How to get Rid of Allergens in your Home Maid Services

When allergy season comes around, we often run indoors in an attempt to escape from the allergens outside. However, our allergies might actually get worse while we’re indoors due to trapped allergens within our house. By taking the right preventive measures, you’ll be able to make your home a safe zone for those who suffer from allergies. Try the following tips on how to get rid of allergens in your home:

– Dehumidify your home and keep it cool. Mold and dust mites thrive in hot and humid areas.

– Your heating and cooling system should have a small-particle filter that is cleaned or replaced often.

– Exterminate cockroaches and mice that bring allergens into your home.

– Use dehumidifiers and air conditioning, in addition to closing your windows and doors during hot weather in order to prevent mold.

– Clean surfaces that are often exposed to allergens every week, such as windowsills, the sides and tops of doors.

– If you have carpet, vacuum at least twice every week. Carpets are notorious for trapping allergens, and if possible, you might consider switching to wood or linoleum floors.

– Don’t smoke indoors, as cigarette smoke can trigger allergies.

– Keep pets outside if you’re allergic to pet dander and brush them often to get rid of excess hair so they won’t shed all over your house.

– Wash your bedclothes at least once a week at high temperatures.

– Roller type shades are better than horizontal blinds. Curtains made of synthetic materials or plain cotton also trap less allergens.

– Dry the bathtub and enclose the bathtub after use to prevent mold.

– Remove the obvious mold that’s already there, usually located in moist areas like near the faucet, in the bathtub, and around the toilet.

– Repair leaks as soon as you find them.

– Upholstered furniture tends to trap more allergens than plastic, leather, or synthetic types.

– Avoid potted plants indoors.

– Install an exhaust fan in your kitchen.

– Make sure there’s no food left out for long periods of time, including dirty dishes.

– Throw away old food in the refrigerator often.

– Take out the trash every day.

Maintaining a clean household is the key to preventing allergens from taking over your home. Not everyone has the time for this, so use TalkLocal for free to hire a professional maid who will keep your home allergy-free for you.

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