Colors of Paint to Use for Rooms with No Windows

Colors of Paint to Use for Rooms with No Windows Painters

Color options may feel limited when you are painting a room with no windows–you don’t want a shade that is gloomy, yet you don’t want a shade that is tacky and bright. The key to selecting colors of paint to use for rooms with no windows is replacing the effects of natural sunlight. Surprisingly, this can be done with both light and dark colors. Consider the following tips before settling for a plain white room.

Light colors

People usually use light colors to brighten a windowless room. Light colors make a room appear inviting and more spacious. You can paint the trims along the ceiling a few shades brighter to bring the eye upward. If you are daring, use vibrant shades like fushia or canary yellow to give the room more life. If you are looking for calmer choices, you can try pastel colors like lilac or mint for a subtle effect. Neutral colors are always a safe bet and can easily match an array of furnishings. Try colors like beige, taupe, sandstone, and gray.

Dark colors

Although most dark colors make a windowless room seem even more cramped, some dark colors are flattering for windowless rooms. Select colors that mimic the natural world; this color scheme will be reminiscent of the outdoors, which will open up the room. Try a dark forest green for a woodsy feel. Use a deep teal to capture the vastness of an ocean. A burgundy shade has the warmth of red roses, and can give a room a romantic touch.

Your color choice can change the entire mood of a room, so spend some time testing a few colors. Remember to view your color choices under indoor lighting rather than natural lighting because that is how the color will appear on the walls. Hire a professional painter through TalkLocal to ensure great craftsmanship. TalkLocal selects high quality service providers based on ratings and reviews, social reputation, and call analytics. Log on to TalkLocal’s website to fill out a short service request. A beautiful room is just a click away.

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  1. Dynamic Touch Painting says:

    I would recommend lighter colors to a room with no window you don’t want the room to be too dark.

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