Draft Coming Through Windows

Draft Coming Through Windows Window Replacement

If you are experiencing wind indoors and your fans are turned off, you may have a draft coming through your windows. A draft can cause a loss in heat in the colder seasons and spike up your utilities bill. Read on to learn the causes of drafts and how to stop them.

Cause of Drafts

Older windows are more likely to have draft problems. The trim on the bottom of the window may be rotten and cracking. The frame around the window may also rot or rust over time, which will make the surface uneven. This will leave little cracks that allow cool air in. If the frame is warped, the original insulation will not work as effectively, and thus let air into your home.

Solution to Drafts

If your window frames or window trim are really old or warped, you should consider replacing them. If the problem can be fixed with a minor repair, then you should proof your windows by sealing the cracks. Caulking is good for sealing window edges and cracks, along with installing the window-sealing film. Weatherseal tape also keeps the draft outside and the heat inside. Another small fix–specifically for double-hung windows–is to put a “draft snake” in the window sill. You can make a draft snake by wrapping a cloth around dry rice or beans to form a tube. This should act as additional insulation for your window.

You may also consider installing a heavy curtain in front of the window to prevent the draft blowing directly into the room. This, however, is just a temporary fix and does not actually get rid of the draft problem.

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