Refrigerator making Humming Noise

Refrigerator making Humming Noise Appliances Repair

The annoying humming noise that’s coming from your fridge could be caused by a number of problems, some of which are easy to solve, some of which you’ll need a quality mechanic for, and some that will force you to replace the machine. Read on if you have a refrigerator making humming noises and you want to fix it.

Sound coming from the back

If the humming sound is coming from the back of the fridge, it’s either due to your compressor or the motor fan. A broken compressor is a big deal, as your fridge won’t cool properly. If your compressor is broken, you won’t be able to fix this yourself and should get a professional trained in sealed systems to replace it. A dirty motor fan could also be causing the problem, so check the fan or make sure it’s not dirty, frozen, or stuck on another object.

This loud humming could also occur when the fridge door is open for an extended amount of time, as ice will build up on the evaporation coil. Turn off the fridge for 24 hours and then start it up again to see if that fixes the problem.

Sound coming from the bottom

If the sound is coming from the bottom of the fridge, this it could be because your fridge is off balance. Make sure your fridge is level and all the feet are bearing pressure equally. If one foot is only lightly touching the ground, it could create a humming sound as the fridge vibrates against the floor. Also, clean out the coils with a vacuum cleaner with a brush wand.

Sound coming from inside the fridge

The evaporation motor inside the fridge is supposed to get rid of excess moisture that could form ice inside your refrigerator. If the sound becomes louder when you open the fridge, then your evaporation motor is probably broken. This is another part that you can’t fix yourself, and you must replace it.

Because refrigerators have many different motors and parts running at once, they’re very difficult to repair. Oftentimes, you’ll have to be certified anyway in order to replace a certain part. Your safest solution is to use TalkLocal for free to find an appliance repair professional in your area.

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