My Light Bulb is Too Bright

My Light Bulb is Too Bright Electricians

Have you noticed your light has been as bright as the sun? Do you notice yourself constantly saying “my light bulb is too bright”? If you notice a light has been burning bright, this is a major problem with your house electrical system. There are two problems that cause the light bulb to burn too brightly. Either there is a high voltage or neutral connection problem.

Before checking for these problems just recognize the type of light you have. If there are incandescent light bulbs and LED bulbs, they will be brighter than average bulbs. If these are the types of light bulbs that you feel are too bright in your home, switch to an average or lower watt bulb.

High Voltage

If supply of voltage is too great in the home, light bulbs will burn brightly and burn out faster.  If you notice the light bulbs in your home burning out unusually quickly, then this could be a high voltage problem. To check for a high voltage problem use a volt meter. Volt meters can be bought at your local hardware store for under $20. Use the voltmeter at an outlet or at a service panel. If you see a voltage over 125 volts, contact an electrician immediately.

Neutral Connection

If there is a main neutral connection problem, the light bulb will burn bright while other light bulbs dim. Other electrical appliances may also break in the process. If you notice these symptoms in your home, contact an electrician immediately as this problem will cause damages to other electrical appliances in your home.

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