How to Trim Bushes with an Electric Trimmer

How to Trim Bushes with an Electric Trimmer Landscapers

Hedges are understandably difficult to maintain. However, you can not neglect them because they contribute to the overall look of your house as well as its curb appeal. Trimming your own hedges is manageable, but you will need patience to get a nice end result. You can research different bush and shrub shapes before starting to gauge the difficulty of the project and your own skill level. Clean-looking shrubs require not only the right tools, but also the effort. By following this guide, you will learn how to trim bushes with an electric trimmer, and get your shrubs looking the way you want with ease.

Tools needed:

– Extension Cord

– Electric Hedge Trimmer

– Safety glasses

– Gloves

How to Trim Bushes with an Electric Trimmer

1. Plug in the cord of the electric trimmer into the extension cord, being mindful to give yourselves enough extra wiring for unrestricted movement.

2. With two hands, start trimming the hedge from bottom up. Start at the base and move upwards slowly at your desired depth. As a general rule, hedges are smaller at the base and grow in size at the top.

3. To trim the top, hold the electric trimmer out in front of your body while you trim. If you want round edges, start trimming a couple inches above the top while moving downward as you trim. If you want square edges, simply move the trimmer from side to side across the top while keeping the electric trimmer steady.

Safety Tips

– If you are attempting to trim bushes with an electric trimmer, make sure to wear safety glasses and gardening gloves when doing so.

– Be mindful of the cord.

Need Help?

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  1. Orlando Commercial and Residential Landscaping says:

    Electric trimmers can be a faster source of getting the job done just make sure you follow the safety procedures.

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