Lawn Aeration Tips

Lawn Aeration Tips Landscapers

Mowing and fertilizing regularly are not the only tasks necessary for maintaining a beautiful lawn. The process of aerating once or twice a year can make the prized difference of a healthy yard. Aeration is extremely beneficial in that the holes created through the process allow for additional oxygen, water, and critical nutrients to seep into the soil, improving its root health and development. When soil is compacted and dry, roots are not able to thrive as well as when soil is looser and hydrated – something that aeration can create.

There are two main methods of lawn aeration – either using spikes, which compacts the soil as it presses down and creates holes, or coring, which penetrates down into the soil and removes a “core” cylinder-shaped pack of dirt. You can perform aeration either manually, such as with spiked shoes or coring tools, or through motorized methods, such as having aerators attached to lawn tractors.

Either of these choices is easily available, but coring is generally the more effective method, as it actually pulls out plugs of dirt as opposed to compacting more of it down like spikes would do. Though, the method you choose simply relies on your particular preferences, lawn size, budget, time constraints, and needs.  For example, using a manual coring tool is probably a better choice if you have a small lawn. The larger lawns will require motorized aeration tools to get the job done quickly.

Lawn Aeration Tips:

– The best time of year to aerate is in early spring or late summer/early fall.
– Aerate twice a year if you live in arid/dry climates.
– Water your lawn a day or so before aerating so the soil becomes soft, making it easier to penetrate and remove soil cores.
– Aerate the more trafficked areas of your lawn often. The reason for aeration is because your soil is very compacted and probably oxygen-deficient, so opening up the soil in these areas is necessary.
– After aerating, remove the coils or mow over them to break them up.

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