What Color Paint goes with Cherry Wood Cabinets?

What Color Paint goes with Cherry Wood Cabinets? Painters

Thinking about painting your kitchen, but want to make sure the color is consistent with the theme you already have? In this situation, is important to correctly accent the color of your wood cabinets. If you’re wondering what color paint goes with cherry wood cabinets, consider the following tips.

Dark Colors

The natural color of cherry wood makes it stand out against dark colors. Dark reds or browns will allow the wood to blend in perfectly. Using dark colors is good for rooms such as a library, dining room or study for a cozy feel.

Earth Colors

Earth colors work as well because they compliment the cherry wood natural color. Colors such as olive green, celery green or sand give you a nice subtle and neutral color. Earth tones give cherry wood cabinets a modern twist.

Warm Colors

Warm colors will complement the cherry wood’s warmth. Go with oranges, reds or yellows to give the room a cozier feel. Warms colors are also good in the kitchen because of their airy and vibrant feel.

Light Colors

Use the light colors to make the small room feel bigger, more inviting and appealing. Light blue mixes with the reddish wood and breaks the color up. This makes the cabinet pops up.

Tips on Picking a Color

1.      Use paint chips to experiment with different colors in a room.

2.      Avoid certain reds. They can clash with cherry cabinet’s natural red.

3.      Look at the style of the room and find out what its need. Does the room need to be more comforting, airy or calm?

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