How to get Rid of Camel Crickets in your House

How to get Rid of Camel Crickets in your House Pest Control

Camel crickets, or cave crickets, are often found inside homes, garages, and sheds. They are about 1/2 – 1 ½ inches in size and unlike field crickets, they do not chirp. Since they do not make noise, you may not realize the crickets are in your home until you find them or their fecal droppings. Camel crickets are not dangerous, but their droppings are unpleasant and they may chew on clothing if trapped inside a building with a limited food supply. If want to know how to get rid of camel crickets in your house, try the following tips:

– Camel crickets will enter your home, shed, or garage through holes and cracks. Walk around the exterior of the structure and fill any of these openings with caulking material. Silicone caulking will also keep out moisture, a cricket-attracting element.

– Install weather stripping material around the bottom of the baseboards of your home and your garage door. Weather stripping will prevent the camel crickets from slipping under the cracks of your baseboards and underneath your garage door.

– Use a dehumidifier in any rooms where you have previously found camel crickets. Crickets actively seek out moisture, so this will dry out the area.

– Set sticky traps in areas where you have previously found the crickets. Set that traps in the corner of room and behind furniture. Check them daily and dispose of used traps.

– Keep any mulch at least 12 inches away from the base of your home. Camel crickets are attracted to the moisture within the mulch, and they are more likely to enter your home if the mulch is close by.

– Spray the outside of your home, shed, or garage with insecticide. Make sure to spray the entire perimeter of the structure.

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