How to Replace a Toilet Seal

How to Replace a Toilet Seal Plumbers

How to Replace a Toilet Seal

Potty, john, loo, lavatory, the toilet. It goes by many names but it’s here for the same thing. A toilet is an integral part of our everyday lives. Furthermore, the toilet seal on your commode is very important because it prevents damage to your floor. Read more to learn how to replace a toilet seal.

The seal is located at the bottom of the toilet. It rests on the floor and is a gasket made out of a ring of wax. If you want to replace it you should be able to get another one from any hardware store. It is an inexpensive part, yet it prevents major damages to the floor and sub floor. Replacing your flooring is a lot more expensive than just the seal.

Before doing anything with the toilet or the seal, you should shut off the water supply in your home.  Flush a few times to empty out both the tank and the bowl.  You should also use a sponge to soak up and remove any water left behind.  When replacing the toilet seal, you need to wear gloves and make sure that the temperature is set at at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit so the wax that makes up the seal is very pliable.

The first thing you should do when replacing the toilet seal is remove the caps and nuts that hold the base of the toilet bowl to the floor. You should now disconnect the water supply line. Gently move the toilet bowl around to break the current seal completely. Remove all the old wax remnants.

Now unwrap the new seal and place it all around the toilet opening round side up. Make sure that all the bolts are in place. Lift the toilet and place it over the flange/seal. Now you can do the actual sealing. Make sure the toilet bowl is level before replacing the nuts and caps and tightening them. Then, reconnect the water line and turn the water supply on. Flush and make sure that the water levels are correct. Make sure to wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap.

Continuing Problems

If you continue to have problems with your toilet bowl seal you should seek professional help. Use TalkLocal to be put in contact with reliable local plumbing businesses within minutes.  You don’t have to do any work! Simply input your problem and availability and TalkLocal will do the rest.  Almost immediately you will be connected on the phone with someone who can help you out.


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