How to Remove a Tree Stump

How to Remove a Tree Stump Tree Removal

Trees are an indispensable part of life on Earth. They are responsible for providing us with food and oxygen, they filter our air and make Earth livable for humans, and they preserve soil and support wildlife. In short, trees are an essential part of our lives and deserve our respect. But despite their ability to live for up to hundreds of years, trees die and leave a legacy – their stumps.

Tree stumps can be incredibly difficult to remove. There is no easy simple way to do it. There are a few methods of doing this, ranging from using chemicals to hand digging to using automatic grinders. The best removal method all depends on the type of tree and the tree’s root system. Read on to learn how to remove a tree stump.

If your stump is relatively small, digging it out may be a good way of removing it. The tools you will need are a shovel as well as an axe, loppers, or a root saw. You will have to use the shovel to dig up roots and then use the loppers, saw, or axe to cut the roots. Continue doing this until the majority of roots are removed. When enough of the roots have been cut to allow movement, remove the stump.

However, if the stump in question is too large to dig out, you will have to utilize other tactics to remove the tree stump. One option is to use a stump grinder. This is a machine that is used to grind up the stumps down into sawdust. You can rent one of these for roughly $100 or you can hire a professional to take care of it for you.

An alternative option for large stumps is to use either chemicals or fire. The first option, chemicals, involves drilling a series of holes in the stump and then dropping chemicals into them. These chemicals speed up decomposition time, but can take weeks to complete. Don’t use this method if your stump needs to be removed quickly. The other method, fire, is actually a method that has been used for hundreds of years. To do this, you once again drill a series of holes in the stump, and then pour kerosene into the holes. Place some scrap wood on top of the stump and get a fire going to try and light the stump. Try and isolate the stump with wire and remove any nearby leaves or twigs to ensure the fire doesn’t spread. Be sure to check up on the stump regularly.

If you followed these instructions and still need help, you may want to find professional help to remove the tree stump. If you need help finding a professional tree removal company, consider using TalkLocal to find a tree removal specialist for you. TalkLocal is a free service that will connect you with top-quality, tree removal companies in your neighborhood within minutes. Just enter in your specific problem, location and availability, and up to three companies will call YOU directly, saving you the time and stress of finding one yourself.

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