How to Repair a Split Tree Trunk

How to Repair a Split Tree Trunk Tree Removal

Severe storms can leave behind a mess in your yard. They destroy your landscaping, lawn ornaments, and even your roofing. There is a lot of cleanup involved with post-storm damages. If you have damages to the trees on your property, this article will help you learn more about how to repair a split tree trunk.


– gloves

– hard hat

– safety glasses

– a block and tackle

– rope

– drill with 1/2-inch diameter bits

– 1/2 inch steel bolts

– washers

– nuts


Before beginning any repair, make sure you are safe. Wear gloves, a hard hat, and safety glasses.

1. Look above the strongest side of the tree and find a horizontal limb.

2. Hook the top pulley of your block and tackle over it.

3. Divide the split into thirds and mark each third.

4. Drill through the split on both sides at your first two marks. Make sure to use a 1/2 diameter drill bit.

5. Put the bolts through the holes you drilled. Make sure to screw the bolts in tightly.

6. Put washers and nuts on both ends to secure it.

7. Now you can remove the block and tack. However, you should leave the lash on top of the split for six months for safety purposes. During this time, watch the tree to see if it is healing. If it wilts considerably, you will have to cut it down. If the tree does not grow new leaves the following year, you will have to cut it down.

If the trunk is split on one side, with a large amount of wood on one side and just a little on the other side, you should not try to save it as this could be dangerous. If the tree trunk’s diameter is greater than 15 inches, it will also be too dangerous to save by yourself. Additionally, if the tree is very old, you should hire a professional to remove it.

If you do not think you can repair the tree, find a tree removal service through TalkLocal. You can be on the phone with up to three high quality local tree removal professionals in minutes!

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