Should I Buy a LCD TV or Plasma TV?

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Should you buy an LCD TV or a plasma TV? Here are some facts to consider and help you decide!

Image Quality

LCD can also boast increased image brightness and reduced susceptibility to glare, as well as lighter weight and thinner screens. If the TV is going to have sunlight or other bright lights reflecting off it during use, LCD may be the best choice. If weight and size are top concerns because the TV is going to be mounted on the wall, then LCD is a good choice for that too.

Plasma generally has a better contrast ratio, better color accuracy, greater color saturation, deeper shades of black, the ability to track motion without lag, and a wider side-to-side viewing angle. If the TV is mostly going to be used in a dark room and picture quality is the main concern, plasma is a great choice. Plasma screens look great, and few things inspire envy like a 60 inch plasma screen.

Consider your purse

Those wanting a budget TV with a smaller screen should look to LCD. Plasma screens also have higher electricity usage, so businesses and people watching their electric bills may prefer LCD for that reason.

Other Factors

Another (random, but valid) consideration, LCD is better for those more than 6,500 feet above sea level. At high altitudes, plasma screens have trouble adjusting and may make buzzing noises.

Technology is always changing, however, and the prices and capabilities of plasma and LCD will change along with it. Engineers are working to make LCD pictures sharper and more colorful, while others are working to make plasma technology lighter and thinner.

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    Awesome post. It really depends on what you want from your TV.

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