Stop Being Allergic to Dogs

Stop Being Allergic to Dogs Veterinarians

Even the most avid dog lovers are sometimes unfortunately allergic to dogs.  While it usually is not possible for you to stop being allergic to dogs, there are a variety of actions you can take to mitigate your allergic reactions to your pets.  It’s all about minimizing the amount of allergens in the air, so don’t despair, you can still get a dog!

Visit your allergist

One of the most important first steps you can take is to talk to your allergist so they can help you fight your allergies.  If you have an allergic reaction, they may offer anti-histamine therapy or even immunotherapy allergy shots, depending on the type and severity of the allergic reaction.  Your allergist will be your best resource on minimizing your allergic reactions to your pets.

Allergen control around the house

Make sure you regularly clean or replace your air filters, as pet dander and fur will clog up filters extremely quickly and make them ineffective.  Having clean air filters will help remove additional pet allergens from the air.  Likewise, remove as much carpeting as possible since it traps pet allergens extremely easily.  You may also want to consider vacuuming more often around the house in order to remove as many allergens as possible.

Pet grooming

Take your dog outdoors and thoroughly brush your dog down, as it will minimize the amount of dust and dander within the house.  This becomes increasingly important when shedding season comes around, so be sure to do it regularly outside your home.

Regular rinsing of all the bedding your dog lays on, as well as the dog, will reduce the amount of allergens floating in your home.  You can also wash your walls and floors with soap and water as well to reduce the dander that may have accumulated on the surfaces.

Choose the right dog

There are dogs bred to be hypoallergenic, shed less, produce less dander, etc.  Do your research on these types of dogs to try to find the one that works best for you and your family.

Don’t let a dog allergy keep you from owning a dog if you’re really passionate about them!  It may be a lot of work, but as any allergic pet lover can tell you, the rewards far outweigh the work.  You may also want to talk with a veterinarian as well.  TalkLocal can instantly connect you with high quality local veterinarians advise you on how best to live with your allergies.

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