Car Radiator Fan Problems

Car Radiator Fan Problems Auto Repair

Car radiator fan problems can lead to other problems with your car because the radiator fan performs a couple of very vital functions.

What does a radiator fan do?

A radiator fan cools the radiator and stops the car from overheating. However, if your car is overheating, the radiator may or may not be the culprit. If your car is overheating, first check out your radiator fan.

Four parts of your radiator fan that are likely problem areas:

Fuses – Most of the time, a blown fuse is the problem. A symptom of a blown fuse is when something electrical is not working. Look around and make sure the fuses are all properly connected. If there is an issue, replace the fuse.

Temperature sensor – If your car is heating up and your fan is not kicking in, you may have an issue with the temperature sensor. If the sensor is not working, the fan will not be able to operate when the car gets too hot. To check the sensor, look under the car thermostat cover. Once there, disconnect the sensor wires and touch them together. If the fan starts, then you will need to replace the sensor because it is an indicator that you have a bad sensor.

Coolant – Look to the coolant level for additional clues. Make sure the coolant level is at the optimal level so your engine can run smoothly and efficiently.

Fan clutch –  The fan clutch holds the fan to the engine. In addition, it makes it turn. If the clutch is faulty – burnt out or simply fails – a replacement part is necessary.

Need professional help?

If you are not sure where to keep looking or are having other issues as well, there is still hope! Check out TalkLocal, a free service that connects you directly to local, high-quality professionals who can help you with your issue at a time that works best for your schedule.

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