Why do I clench my teeth at night

Why do I clench my teeth at night Dentists

A common question asked everyday is “why do I clench my teeth at night?”, and it’s important to know the answer – teeth clenching is caused by anxiety and stress and it may arise from a condition called bruxism. Anyone at any age is susceptible to this condition and the only true way to stop yourself from clenching is by reducing stress and anxiety. Bruxism can range from mild to severe and, if left untreated, can lead to headaches, damaged teeth, jaw disorders, and other problems.

Utilizing the right methods, it is possible to reduce your stress and anxiety, as well as temporarily relieve your jaw muscles.  Here are some tips:

1. Keep your lips closed and your teeth apart. Your teeth should only be touching when eating.

2. Take a warm bath before you sleep. The warmth can relax your jaw muscles temporarily. Similarly, applying a warm, damp cloth to your jaw can have the same effect.

3. Exercise frequently. Exercise is a proven stress-beater.

4. Take an ibuprofen medicine – these can dull the pain and help relax stiff muscles.

5. Don’t overuse your jaw muscles. Try eating foods like fruit or something soft that don’t give your jaw a workout.

These are all temporary solutions that can help, but if you truly want to fix the issue, it’s in your best interest to visit a dentist. A dentist will suggest similar tactics, but he or she can also issue a dental clench-guard that is designed to protect teeth against the pressure resulting from clenching and grinding. However, this solution generally costs a few hundred dollars, so if you’re looking for something cheap and temporary, you can purchase a mouth guard from your local sports shop. Boil it in water to make it malleable for your teeth.

If teeth-clenching is an issue for you, we recommend going to a dentist for a more permanent solution. If you’re looking for a highly-rated dentist in your local area, consider using TalkLocal, a FREE service that connects you with the best professionals in just a few minutes. All you need to do is enter in your specific problems/symptoms, location and availability, and TalkLocal will contact multiple dentists who will then call YOU directly, ready to help. Save time, stress, and pain from searching for the right, most affordable dentist, and let TalkLocal do it for you!

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