Why is My Jaw Popping

Why is My Jaw Popping Dentists

A clicking or “popping” jaw may an incredible annoyance to you whenever you eat or chew food. Since the jaw is located so closely to your ear, you may hear and feel the popping much more distinctly than you do when you crack your joints. You might wonder, why is my jaw popping?

Why does the jaw pop?

The jaw is connected to your skull via a ball and socket join and the clicking noise comes from when the joint pops out of position and then returns, creating an audible “click”.  Your jaw muscles allow you to open and close your mouth, but if any of these muscles are injured, the different sides of the jaw will open and close at different rates, popping the joints out of position.

What caused the jaw popping?

There are a couple of potential causes for jaw clicking.  If you have bruxism or grind your teeth during your sleep, you may have pulled your jaw muscles and caused the clicking sounds.  Likewise, chewing tough foods or prolonged chewing may injure your mandibular muscles.  Trauma to the jaw area, such as a sharp impact to the face, can damage or even rip the jaw muscles, forcing your jaw to create the “popping” sound.

What should I do about it?

If you leave the jaw clicking untreated, you’ll eventually severely damage the joint and even may lead to complications such as facial pain and jaw locking.  You should talk to a dentist as soon as possible so that they can diagnose you.  You may want to use TalkLocal, since it will connect you to a local high quality dentist in just minutes, so you can fix this jaw popping problem as soon as possible.  Once you schedule an exam, the dentist can check your teeth and mouth for signs of bruxism and recommend the necessary lifestyle changes.

Remember that your jaw muscles, just like any other muscles in your body, need rest.  Avoid anything that require excessive chewing such as chewing gum and tough steaks.  Always follow the directions of your dentist and you’ll have the popping gone in no time!

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