How to Cool your House with Window Fans

How to Cool your House with Window Fans Heating and Cooling

Do you not have a central A/C system in your home? Are you trying to save money on your cooling bill this summer? Learn how to cool your house with window fans as a relatively inexpensive option.

The best time to use window fans is during seasons when temperatures are hot during the day and cool/dry during the night. These fans can be used to bring in the cool, dry air from the outside at night, which can lessen the need to turn on your air conditioner during the day. This way, electricity is used only at night rather than throughout the entire day.

Here are some situations in which using window fans may not be ideal:

– If temperatures are very hot and/or humid all throughout the day & night. In this case, window fans may not be very effective and you may be better off using a central A/C system.

– If your windows are not accompanied by adequate screens, putting a fan in these screen-less windows can bring in unwanted bugs and insects.

– If you live in an area with high rates of crime, window fans may make your house more susceptible or prone to break-ins or burglaries.

When choosing the right window fans, make sure to measure the size of the window opening before you purchase your fan. Whenever the temperature drops so that it’s cooler outside than in your home, turn on the fan to bring in that cooler outside air.

It is most effective to have multiple fans; some placed so that the cooler outside air is brought in during the night, and some which will push the hot air out from inside your home during the day. Be sure to place them strategically as well. Have the inward-blowing fans on the coolest side of your house, (sides that have shade if possible,) and have the outward-blowing fans on higher levels and on sides that are most hit by the sun.

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