Pesticide Spraying Techniques

Pesticide Spraying Techniques Landscapers

Pesticides are extremely useful for prevention of insect damage to crops and plants. However, while extremely useful against insects, these pesticides are also extremely dangerous for most animals and even humans. Use caution and follow these pesticide spraying techniques.

First and foremost, read and follow the label directions. The directions vary from pesticide to pesticide, but generally, the pesticide will need to be mixed with water. Make sure to use the proper mix ratio that the product tells you to use. Using stronger concentrations usually doesn’t increase effectiveness, but it can increase the toxicity.

One safety tip is to use the pesticide in well-ventilated areas to ensure the chemicals don’t get absorbed into your body. Liquid pesticides in particular may produce poisonous fumes that are released when the container is opened or when the product is being used or mixed. Also be sure to avoid contact with skin, as some of these chemicals can be absorbed through skin. Be careful for sparks and open flames, as well. The pesticides are often highly flammable, so caution is advised. When you mix the pesticides, be sure to never use any utensils that may later be used for food.

Once you are ready to spray the pesticides, place it into a sprayer and test it to ensure it sprays properly. If it is working properly, begin by spraying the plants on both the upper and lower sides of the leaves. You should spray the plant from a distance between six and 10 inches. Continue spraying your plants until you have used all of the pesticide in the sprayer. When you are done, clean out the empty tank and rinse it at least three times.

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    Make sure to wear the right protection with this spray It can cause serious damage.

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