Can Maids Get Rid of Mildew?

Can Maids Get Rid of Mildew? Maid Services

You want to clean your home but you notice some mildew in the house. This could lead you to ask “Can maids get rid of mildew?” If you have a mildew problem in your home and are looking to hire a maid to get rid of it, you should first make sure that they can. It is important to understand the mildew and its growth cycle to avoid spending money when you don’t need to.  Mildew is the result of a parasitic fungus.  Read this article on getting rid of mildew for more information.

What makes mildew grow in my home?

Moisture, temperature and food enable mildew to thrive.  For this reason, mildew grows predominantly in bathrooms and kitchens where there is a source of moisture and high temperatures.

How do I keep mildew from growing?

Ventilating the room is a proactive way to decrease mildew growth.  In addition, using chemicals in an option to preventing mildew growth.  After taking a shower, leave the door open and dry the shower walls.

How do I get rid of mildew once it’s started growing?

A 50% percent mixture of water and bleach is one of the better options for getting rid of already formed mildew.  Allow the mixture to sit on the surface that is infected for at least an hour.  After waiting, rinse the area clean with water.  Repeat this step every four or five days for a couple weeks until the mildew is no longer growing.

Can maids get rid of mildew?

Maids can get rid of mildew but only with the assistance of the homeowner.  As described above, treating mildew must happen every 4-5 days alongside ventilating the room and keeping it dry.  Yes, maids can use their tools to get rid of the fungus but only with your help.

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