Should I Wear a Mask when Painting

Should I Wear a Mask when Painting Painters

Home renovations/redecorating can be fun but also dangerous if you’re not safe enough. If you’re planning on doing significant painting work or renovations, you may be asking yourself or others, “Should I wear a mask when painting?”  Wearing a mask can be one of the most important precautions that you take.  You often times will need to sand off old paint or do other prep work that will release harmful particles into the air that are extremely harmful if inhaled.  So the bottom line is this: Yes, you should wear a mask if you plan on painting.  You still need to make sure that you’re using the mask effectively to provide the best protection you can get!

The Right Mask

Check that the type of mask you’re currently using fits the type of job you’re doing.  Often times, a simple disposable dust mask will be effective to protect you against the majority of your renovations and painting.  The packaging for the masks will always tell you the recommended uses and applications, so be sure to choose accordingly.  Make sure to also choose a mask with a moldable metal insert so you can fit it to your face.

Facial Hair

Facial hair may create a looser seal, potentially allowing you to inhale harmful dust particles (but not so much for paint fumes).  Shaving your facial hair will allow the mask form to your face and create a tighter seal. 

Use the Double Straps

Masks with double straps will help hold the mask to the top and the bottom of your face, forming a more fitting seal.  Likewise, you’ll want to put the mask on before you put on goggles or any other types of eye wear so they can help create a tighter seal.

Take Breaks

Using a mask keeps all the moisture and heat contained near your face, making extended use extremely uncomfortable, so take frequent breaks to avoid becoming overheated.  Put an alarm on your phone or watch to remind you to take at least a five minute break every hour.  

Wearing a mask during paint renovations is a must for your health and safety.  If you don’t want to deal with wearing masks at all, you can always use TalkLocal to find a local high quality painter to do your paint job for you!

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  1. Dynamic Touch Painting says:

    As a professional I make everyone in my company wear a mask when doing residential and commercial projects.

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