Should I Repair or Replace my Roof

Should I Repair or Replace my Roof Roofers

Roofs are one of the most critical parts of a home to repair and maintain. The roof keeps the home dry and prevents any water damages. With damaged or worn shingles, water can seep through the roof, rot the wood, and cause bigger problems for your house. You should be repair loose shingles immediately because they are easily damaged during storms. If you keep asking yourself , ” Should I repair or replace my roof?”, you should estimate the time it would take to do each and see what works best for you. Take into consideration how long the job will take and if the weather will permit. Also, how much are you willing to spend? You should also consider the age of the roof. Roofs that are under twenty years old should be fine with just a repair. Furthermore, loose roof shingles are easy to fix and can be done without a professional.


– Pry Bar

– Roofing Cement

– Hammer

– Replacement Shingles

– Galvanized 1 ¾ inch roofing nails

– Ladder

How to fix loose shingles

1. Climb the ladder to the roof. Remember do not go on the roof when is wet or slick.

2. Examine roof for loose shingles. To check for loose shingles, try to lightly pry at shingles. If they come up easily then they are loose and need to be repaired.

3. Pry the tab portion of the shingle to expose the nails that attaches them to the roof.

4. Slide the pry bar under the nail and pry out the nail. Repeat until all the nails are out of the loose shingle.

5. Remove the loose shingle and examine it and the shingles near it for damage. If the loose shingles is damaged, remove and trash damaged shingles. If is loose shingle is not damaged, insert the shingle back into place and re-nail the shingle down with an additional roof nail.

6. Apply roofing cement on the underside and edges of the original or replacement shingle and press it back into place. Use utility knife if necessary to fit the replacement shingle in the spot of the trashed shingle.

7. Nail the original or replacement shingles into place.

8. Cover nail heads with some roofing cement.

If you want shingles replacements from a professional, use TalkLocal to find the best roofers in your area.

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    Sometimes when it gets to a point there is no fixing it and it comes the time to replace it.

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