What is a Lift and Slide Door

What is a Lift and Slide Door Window Replacement

I’m sure that you’re familiar with a typical door: you turn the doorknob and push the door at the hinges to turn at a 90 degree angle.  They’re simple to install and easy to maintain, but they less efficient when it comes to space.  Hinge free doors, like a lift and slide door, do not require the door to turn at an angle.  What is a lift and slide door?  A lift and slide door minimizes the space lost in opening/closing doors as it not only uses a sliding system to operate, but also utilizes outdoor space to blend in with the indoor spaces.

What is a lift and slide door?

Lift and slide doors are slide doors that are set up like walls in your house, except they are designed to be opened when needed by sliding rather than opening at an angle.  The outdoor space adjacent to these doors generally has tiles that are similar to the ones inside the door in your house.  Since the tiles indoor and outdoor are similar, opening the wall-like lift and slide door successfully integrates the outdoors into your home, perfect for an event like a barbeque.

How you can have one in your home 

Lift and slide doors, due to the amount of work needed to plan and install them, are not considered a do-it-yourself project.  Not only you will have to install the large sliding doors, but also the framework and the matching outdoor tiles.  Therefor, it is recommended that you consult a professional when planning to install a lift and slide door.  Also, keep in mind that the optimal settings vary per house.  There are various factors you may want to account for including the direction of the sunrise, nearby sounds and wind currents.

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